2 Reasons to Start Dry-Cleaning Your Blankets & Comforters


No matter how outplayed it may sound, the whole idea of “cleanliness is next to Godliness” is one that still holds its weight today. In fact, some may even say that it’s a quote that will always ring true in Canadian homes. 

While you may spend lots of time worrying about your home in terms of outside cleanliness because of how harsh Canada’s weather can be, you can’t bear but to give the same attention to its insides as well. Considering that most of your living experiences at home happen on the inside, it’s impossible not to be particular about inner cleanliness.

Cleaning one of the most important items in your home

Whether you’ve been living in your home for several years or recently just moved a few months ago, you’re probably at that point where you’re doing all you can to keep everything clean. From your kitchen tiles and countertops to your living room couch and carpet, there’s no surface or item in your home that can’t be cleaned to the fullest extent. 

As you continue to run down the list of items that you need to clean at least a few times a month, you’ll eventually need to deal with your blankets and comforters. Over time, these particular items will inch their way to the top of the list because of two key facts: 

  1. You use them every day, meaning that you’re in contact with them for a significant part of your day.
  2. Their cleanliness significantly affects the comfort that you experience.

Beyond the importance of cleaning your blankets and comforters regularly, one fact that isn’t as clear is the best cleaning method to care for these vital fixtures. Amid all the different ways that you can keep your bed fixtures spick and span, you’ll be surprised to know that dry cleaning is the way to go!

Why you should consider dry cleaning

If you’re new to professional cleaning in your home, then you probably don’t realize that dry cleaning is the best method for keeping your comforters and blankets clean. Contrary to the old-fashioned washing-machine-and-wait method that you’ve probably grown accustomed to over time, the method in question is much better for your bedding fixtures! 

To best understand why it pays to dry clean your blankets and comforters (or let Goodfellow Cleaners’ experts take care of them for you), let’s look at some compelling facts to consider:

1. It keeps everything as comfy as it was during the first day out of the store

Compared to wringer-type washing machine methods where your blankets and comforters are tumbled for an hour, a dry clean helps preserve the comfort of your fixtures far better than you’d expect.

When you opt for dry cleaning, you preserve your items’ comfort because foregoing tumble washing and drying means foregoing a hot dryer that weakens fibres inside the materials. Once you stick to dry cleaning alone, you’ll be able to halt or prevent the development of rips, tears, holes, stretches, and snags that can compromise the overall feel and plumpness of both items! 

2. It does a better job of keeping everything clean

Here’s one fact you should know: blankets and comforters become far cleaner with dry cleaning than they do with regular washing machine sessions.

You see, dry cleaning is capable of achieving a more thorough effect because it effectively cleans the fabric of bedding materials down to the fibre level. This ultimately offers a more effective, efficient, and long-lasting effect that does a greater job at removing all dirt, dust, and assorted debris (and even stains) from any comforter and blanket! 


While there are many different factors that you’ll need to worry about when keeping your home as clean as possible on the inside, what you do with your comforters and blankets is especially important. By switching your regular tumble-dry cleaning routine for dry cleaning, you’ll be able to ensure that you keep your bed fixtures as comfortable, clean, and in the best condition as possible! 

If you’ve got blankets and comforters that need dry cleaning in Ottawa, ON, Goodfellow Cleaners is here to help. Give us a call today to schedule your load for pick-up!

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