3 Reasons to Dry Clean Off-Season Clothing Before Storage

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Now that winter is going out the door and spring is coming, it will soon be the time for you to put your winter clothing back into storage. It’s a pain to do it every single year, but it’s necessary to ensure that your off-season clothes are safely stored in one place and out of the way until you need them again.

While you may simply want to toss them all into storage, experts highly recommend that you send all your off-season apparel to your local dry cleaner before you start stocking them. As time-consuming as that might sound, it’s very much worth exerting the effort to make sure that everything you’re placing in storage is as spick and span as possible!

Here are three reasons why it’s essential to get your winter clothes professionally cleaned before storage:

To Remove Stains And Dirt

When clothes are stored for months at a time, any leftover dirt and oils from your skin will settle into the cloth. Dust and grime can permanently damage the fabric, and you won’t realize until it’s too late that there’s now a permanent stain on your favourite winter coat! 

Even if you only wore that heavy sweater once, it’s still worth sending off to get dry-cleaned. Dry cleaners can remove stains that even a washing machine will miss. The worst offenders for permanent stains are tiny particles that you can’t even see—so even if you think your coat is clean, it likely isn’t.

To Avoid Bad Smells

Unearthing old clothes always seems to bring a musty smell. Again, this is due to dirt and oils that have been embedded in the fabric. If you want to open up your winter storage containers and be met with a fresh smell, the best way to do that is to get your clothes professionally cleaned before storage.

To Prevent Infestation 

Aside from dirt, insects can also find their way in the small nooks and crannies of your winter coats. You can shake out your clothes inside and out, but tiny critters can easily cling onto fabric and stay there for months at a time.

If you’re lucky, you will only find dead insects in your coats next winter. However, if moths and silverfish get into your clothing, you will find the fabric tattered and stained beyond recognition. Professional dry-cleaning will remove all insects and eggs from your clothes—protecting the fabrics until you need to don them once again.

Other Benefits Of Professional Dry Cleaning

Professional dry cleaners can help you year-round, and not just with your winter clothing. Here are some benefits to dry cleaning:

It’s Convenient – Most dry cleaning services offer same-day free delivery. If you’re in a rush, you can even get it done within an hour! After service, you’ll have perfectly clean and perfectly pressed clothing.

It Removes Stains and Odours – There are some stubborn clothing stains and odours that traditional cleaning methods cannot remove. Dry cleaning solvents can remove heavy stains very effectively.

It Uses a “Dry” Method – By definition, dry cleaning does not involve water. Instead, solvents are used. This way, the shape and colour of your garments are not affected even after a deep and thorough wash.


Now that spring is approaching, it’s time to start planning for winter clothing storage. Dry cleaning is the best choice for you and your thick winter clothes, even if you only wore them once since autumn! By leaving your beloved clothes with a dry cleaner near you, you’re sure to keep your off-season apparel protected all year round.

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