3 Reasons Why You Should Dry Clean Your Beddings

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Sleep is vital to having optimal health and well-being. When you get enough shut-eye, your body has a chance to repair itself and have you prepared to face the next day. Unfortunately, not everyone gets a good night’s rest. You may think that you’re doing well since you sleep eight hours every day—but that’s not always the case.

Are you sure you’re sleeping well?

Making Your Bed For Better Sleep

If you’ve been spending your nights tossing and turning, then something is wrong. You may have slept the required amount, but if you’re not comfortable throughout the night, you wouldn’t be able to get the sufficient rest your body needs! If you want to sleep better, then you have to remember to make your bed!

When your bed is comfortable and clean, it becomes much easier to sleep. Gone are the times when you’re easily awoken by the bumps in the night—as long as you have a clean bed, you can rest assured that you’ll sleep through anything!

Cleaning the Mattress

Unfortunately, making your bed isn’t enough—your mattress may be nice and soft, and your sheets may be properly laid down, but if it’s not clean, the dust mites, pollen, and mould will be sure to prevent you from sleeping deeply. 

Your bed shouldn’t just look good; it should be clean, too! You need to take care of your mattress and bedding so that no bed bugs or allergens irritate your skin and disturb your sleep. 

To clean your mattress, you must:

  • Vacuum the surface and the crevices;
  • Clean spots with a stain remover; and
  • Protect it with a mattress protector afterwards.

Taking Care of the Bedding

Once you’ve cleaned your mattress, you must keep the dust out using a fitted sheet, followed by other beddings. However, remember that a clean mattress will do no good if dirty comforters and blankets cover it! 

Cleaning the mattress may have been difficult, but washing the comforter and blankets is much more challenging. Leaving the job to your washing machine isn’t the best idea, as there’s a chance that it could damage your bedding. Meanwhile, simply handwashing them takes forever to accomplish! 

If you don’t want to destroy your bedding but also don’t have the time and energy to hand-wash them, then why not leave it to the dry cleaner?

Why You Should Dry Clean Your Sheets and Comforter

Dry cleaning is a perfect way to clean your clothes that can’t withstand your washer and dryer, but did you know that you can have your beddings dry cleaned, too? Once you understand the beauty of dry cleaning, you’ll never want to go back to the washer again!

Deep Cleaning

Your washer can only do so much—no matter how high-tech it is, it won’t be able to clean your beddings thoroughly. A washer won’t be able to get rid of the skin cells, oil, and dust mites that have penetrated the fabric, but dry cleaning can! Many dry cleaning chemicals can effectively remove the substances penetrating the material so that you can sleep with completely clean beddings.

Preserve the Colors

Do you remember what your beddings looked like when you first brought them home? Didn’t their colours look a bit more vibrant back then? Does this mean you’ll just have to accept the fact that the quality of your beddings will diminish over time? 

With dry cleaning, you won’t have to worry about that! Dry cleaning is the best colour-safe way to clean your sheets so that you can keep them for much longer.

Longer Lifespan for Your Washing Machine

Washing machines are expensive, so you can’t afford for them to break any time in the future. Jamming your comforter in your washer and overloading it can cause severe damage, leading to costly and time-consuming repairs. 

If you want to save you and your washer the trouble, then just leave the cleaning of your beddings to the dry cleaner.


A clean bed equals sound sleep! If you want to face the new day with a sharp mind and high energy, then you’ll need to have a well-rested body. To get a good night’s sleep, make sure to regularly clean your mattress and bring your beddings to a local dry cleaner to be cleaned up properly.

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