3 Ways Dry Cleaning is Better Than Regular Laundry

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The term “dry cleaning” is a bit of a misnomer. The process itself is similar to regular washing—in that it will still be submerged in liquid and subjected to a few wash cycles in a dry cleaning machine. After the washing cycle, the garments are rinsed with freshly distilled solvent to eliminate any lingering soil and stain particles dislodged by the initial wash cycle. 

After the rinse, all the remaining solvent is extracted from the garments by spinning the washing chamber to around 350 to 450 RPMs, thus eliminating the solvent. This process is similar to a drying cycle in a regular washing machine, sans the heat. 

Once the extraction process is done, the clothes are dried using steam, inspected for any remaining lint, and checked if there are any missing buttons. Should there be no other issues caught in the final check, then the garments are finally ironed in preparation for pickup. 

The Main Difference Between The Two Methods

In fact, the only real difference is that dry cleaning uses a specific kind of solvent, which is called Tetrachloroethylene, and not water! This particular cleaning method is best for garments made of synthetic fibres that may shrink if washed with regular water. 

The only real downside to this method is its cost! Between the specialized equipment, the solvent, and the expertise needed to operate the machines, it’s easy to see why it is more expensive than regular washes. 

That being said, dry cleaning carries a lot of distinct advantages over regular laundry with water and soap. Here are three of them:

  • The Convenience 

Dry cleaning can actually be done at home, but it takes a certain level of expertise to do it safely and effectively. While washing your clothes regularly may be the common option, certain garments may need a bit more of a thorough cleaning to get it back into condition.

For your convenience, most professional dry cleaning establishments are drop-off services, where customers need only to leave their garments for cleaning and pick them up all ready to wear the next day. This leaves you free to do other things, allowing you to simply come back the next day with your garments properly taken care of!

  • The Attention to Detail 

Dry cleaners are very meticulous when it comes to ensuring that your garments come out looking better than when they came in. This means that your clothes will always receive a treatment suited to their fabrics—which spells great for hard to clean garments, like leather jackets or suede coats.

As stated earlier, after the process is done, it will undergo another round of inspections for good measure. Aside from checking the overall cleanliness of the garments, these will also be checked for any damages, scuffs, or missing buttons. On the rare occasion that your garments come out with a missing button, a dry cleaning shop’s employee will sew a new one back on!

  • The Prolonged Longevity of Clothes 

While most natural fabrics do okay with regular laundry, some synthetic fibres, like viscose, lyocell, modal, and cupro, will shrink when washed with water. Other materials, like leather, silk, wool, or cashmere, will also last longer if washed with dry cleaning instead of regular water and soap. If you want your expensive clothes to last longer, you should go with professional dry cleaning services to lend you a hand!


Regular laundry with water and soap is cheap, easy to do, and generally safe for most natural fibres, like cotton and polyester. However, no two clothes are made the same, especially clothes reserved for formal events, like coat and ties, wedding gowns, and other garments with delicate fabrics. If you want your clothes looking like new for longer, then dry cleaning is the best option for you!

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