4 Common Dry Cleaning Mistakes You Might Be Making

Dry cleaned clothes

Your clothes let you celebrate your uniqueness and be yourself. They reflect your personality, so you need to keep your garments clean and in good condition at all times. This way, you can look presentable and make a positive first impression on everyone.

Some fashion pieces need extra care, such as clothes made of silk and synthetic fibres. These materials are delicate, which means they are prone to discolouration, shrinking, and distortion when handled improperly. They require dry cleaning, which is a special method of cleaning. It dissolves oils and grease in a way that regular washing with soap and water can’t. As a result, you can make your favourite statement pieces look new for as long as possible!

While dry cleaning is powerful and effective, you should still give your clothes special care and attention. Here are some common mistakes you might be making:


1. You don’t examine your clothes after wearing them


Going to a romantic dinner or a birthday party means being surrounded by food. Unfortunately, accidents can happen, like random spaghetti sauce falling on your lap, staining your dazzling, white dress! And at times, you may not even notice food stains, especially when you’re having fun!

Even the simplest stain can get challenging to remove when it has already oxidized into your garment. To avoid garment discolouration, inspect your clothes and look for stains after you wear them. Remove dirt or stains as quickly as possible once you spot them on your outfits.


2. You try to remove tricky stains on your own 


The best thing about reaching out to professional dry cleaners is you can get peace of mind knowing they have the knowledge, skills, and experience in treating all kinds of stains. If you are unsure how to get rid of tricky stains, don’t attempt to handle the situation on your own, especially when dealing with dry-clean-only fabrics. Instead, hand your clothes off to experts. 

Fabrics that require only dry cleaning might be too fragile to withstand DIY stain remedies that involve harsh chemicals, lemon juice, or hairspray. Avoid exploring various stain removal methods to avoid ruining your clothes.


3. You hang heavy garments on wire hangers


Hanging heavy clothes on wire hangers is a common dry cleaning mistake. Delicate fabrics hung on wire hangers, even just for a short time, can leave marks on the shoulders that can never go away. This is because this kind of hanger fails to provide the structural support required for heavy garments. Therefore, fold them instead of trying to hang them on flimsy hangers.


4. You don’t take your clothes out of the dry cleaning bag right away


Dry cleaning bags protect your clothes from dirt on the way home from the cleaner. However, they are not meant for storage because they can trap moisture that can cause odours, discolouration, and mildew. Avoid this by making sure to take your garments out of the bags as soon as you get home.


Give your clothes the special attention and care they need and deserve by seeking dry cleaning. When taking advantage of this type of cleaning method, make sure to avoid the common mistakes listed above to maximize its results and maintain your garments’ brand new condition. 

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