5 Common Household Uses for Wire Hangers: What to Know

wire hangers

You may have invested and been using wire hangers for the past years. But quite recently, they have been kept and left unused as you have started relying on laundry and dry-cleaning services. Whether casual clothes for washing or business attires for dry cleaning, you just find it easier and less of a hassle when left to the experts. In fact, you can have these items picked up and delivered back right at your doorsteps.

However, have you thought about what you want to do with the underutilized wire hangers? You may or may not be aware of this, but they can actually be such a household annoyance and clutter. Yet, instead of tossing them out, you should repurpose them and turn them into something useful. 

In this article, as we’ve rounded up five common household uses for wire hangers that you should know about:

1. Calendar display

This unique use is quite straightforward and relatively simple. All it takes is to hang the wire hanger on the wall and place a calendar on the rack. Then, use a nail on the wall and place the inside fold of the calendar along the hanger’s horizontal part. Once done, you’ll have a unique calendar display to start 2021 on the right track!

2. Welcome sign

This sign is quite similar to the calendar above. All you have to do is to put the wire hanger on the wall and have a welcome sign posted on it. Then, simply tape the sign or fold it over the horizontal part of the hanger. A welcome sign can kick your home’s entry point up a notch!

3. Scarf organizer

If you have a collection of scarves for yourself and your family, it’s good to have a DIY organizer. When it comes to this, your wire hanger can be your best bet. Simply loop those scarves along with ties and belts over the hanger, and then hang the hangers up in your closet. Once done, you will have a scarf organizer to avoid clutter!

4. Hanging planter

Another great idea is to make hanging planters out of your wire hangers. You don’t have to waste money on purchasing them, as you can take the DIY route. For instance, if you have a plastic planter without a hanger, you can install one by making holes on either side. From there, unwrap the hanger, loop it through the hoops, coil it back at the top, and hang it up. You will then have an IG-worthy DIY planter at home!

5. Nonslip hanger

If you stopped using your wire hanger because it slips off often, then you can have it repurposed for another nonslip hanger. All you have to do is to wrap the cotton yarn around the top side of the hanger and loop tightly from end to end. You’ll be amazed at how your clothes will easily and quickly cling to the cotton without slipping off!


At this point, you now know how to repurpose your wire hangers as other useful household items. As outlined above, you can turn them into a calendar display, welcome sign, scarf organizer, hanging planter, and nonslip hanger. Similarly, you can have your casual clothes laundered, and your business attire dry cleaned, such as suits, shirts, blouses, dresses and uniforms. Whether they’ve got stains or needed to be worn for special occasions, having a dry cleaning service can make all the difference!

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