5 Things to Know About Dry Cleaning Your Clothes

dry cleaned clothing

As you may know, there are pieces of clothing that are too sensitive and fragile. These pieces should not be frequently washed as they can be easily damaged, especially when it comes to business coats and long dresses. The best way you can clean these types of clothing is through dry cleaning.

Dry cleaning uses a particular liquid to wash and clean certain types of clothing, upholstery, beddings, and other similarly hard-to-clean fabrics. It is typically performed for clothing made of silk, wool, and leather. Many people prefer this method when cleaning their expensive clothes, since lace, buttons, and sequins are less likely to be damaged in this process.

To further explain the concept of dry cleaning, here are five basic things you need to know about it:

1. Not all type of clothing requires dry cleaning

As mentioned, dry cleaning is only recommended to certain kinds of fabrics, primarily because it is significantly more expensive than regular laundry. Aside from that, some shops use special solutions to clean costly and delicate clothing thoroughly—which would be overkill for more “mundane” clothing.

If you are unsure if your clothes are appropriate for dry cleaning, check the inside label and see whether it notes “Dry cleaning suggested” or “Dry cleaning as it were.”

2. It is unnecessary to dry clean clothes every after use

Not because dry cleaning is said to be safer than regular laundry, doesn’t mean that it won’t damage your clothing after several washes. As usual, your clothing’s texture, weaving, and shading can get damaged and stretched after every wash, even on dry cleaning.

As such, you should not make the mistake of sending your garments for dry cleaning after every use. Experts recommend that you dry clean your clothing only after two to three uses or when it has noticeable stains.

3. Clothing accessories can be dry cleaned as well

Besides expensive and luxurious coats and dresses, your clothing accessories such as belts, caps, and shoes can be dry cleaned too! As you may know, these clothing items can be hard to clean, especially as there aren’t many available cleaning products and services.

With dry cleaning, you can ensure that the canvas in your cap will be thoroughly cleaned. Similarly, the leather fabric in your shoes will be made pristine and brand new-looking. If your unsure whether your items can be handled, just ask a dry cleaner near you—they’ll know what you need in a jiffy!

4. You must inform your dry cleaners about certain clothing issue

Although you can ensure that the dry cleaners will take the utmost care of your clothing, it would still be best to inform them about particular issues with your garments, such as stains, broken zippers, or fabric rips. Doing this will help them take proper cleaning precautions and careful processes to ensure that no further damage will be done.

5. You can get home dry cleaning services

Like most laundry shops, dry cleaning shops also offer home services to provide convenience to their clients. This is even more beneficial today, with social distancing and travel restrictions being strictly implemented in most areas. Their staff would pick up your items and deliver them straight to your home right after.

Apart from your clothing, you can have your area rugs or similar fabrics cleaned out too! You only need to call their service hotline and request a home dry cleaning service. In this way, you can keep not only your clothing but your entire home clean and presentable too!


Dry cleaning has become a convenient way for many people to wash and clean their expensive and delicate clothing pieces. Compared to regular laundry, this is performed with the utmost care using special clothing solutions. What’s great about this is that you can also have your clothing accessories, bedding, upholstery, and other similar fabrics dry cleaned as well! To top it all off, you can request home dry cleaning services for your convenience.

If you need dry cleaning services in Ottawa, get in touch with us today! With us, you can ensure that your clothing and footwear will be thoroughly and professionally dry cleaned.

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