The Truth About Dry Cleaning Your Clothes: How Often to Do It

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When you see a “dry clean only” label, you know that you should leave it up to the experts to clean your clothes and that you shouldn’t do it at home. This is because experts will integrate the proper techniques, settings, and products to ensure your clothes come in and out of the dry cleaners good as new. 

However, the bigger question is this: how frequently should you take these clothes to the dry cleaners? To put it simply, this will depend on your clothing—the fabric it has, how often it’s worn, how it got dirty or soiled, and more. 

If you’re thinking of taking your clothes for dry cleaning, it pays to know how often you should take your clothes to the cleaners. In this article, we’ll share with you vital information on how frequently you should bring your clothes for dry cleaning, and more!

What is Dry Cleaning?

When you take your clothes to dry cleaners, you leave your clothes in the hands of professionals. With their help, they’ll first inspect your items for damage and undergo various treatments to remove stains so they can return them to you as good as new. 

Once they’ve treated the stains, they’ll then be washed with specific solutions. They will undergo another inspection to ensure that stains have gotten out. After that, they press and hang your clothes and make them ready for you. 

Why Do Some Clothes Need to Be Dry Cleaned?

If you own formal clothing, you’ll find a label that says “dry clean only,” which is normal, especially since these clothes use specific fabrics and materials that only professionals should handle. 

These fabrics work differently when soaked in water and when you dry them. For example, working with silk could lose shape and luster, while velvet could lose its texture and even shrink. With that being said, it’s best to leave these clothes to professional dry cleaners to avoid any damage and whatnot. 

Can I Damage My Clothes with Frequent Cleaning?

When you wash your clothes frequently, you’ll find that these pieces may begin to fade and change their shape, causing damage over time. Keep in mind that regular wear and tear can happen when your clothes are washed often. 

To answer your question, it’s best to have professionals handle your clothes to reduce this wear and tear, especially when dry cleaning follows a different process than what you have at home. 

How Often Should I Have My Clothes Dry Cleaned?

  • Business Suits: Since suits don’t touch your skin, you don’t have to have them cleaned every time you wear them. Instead, three to four wears should be good.
  • Formal Suits: Since you don’t use these as often as business suits, formal suits can undergo cleaning once a season or after each wear.
  • Evening Wear: Just like formal suits, these can undergo dry cleaning once a season or after each wear.
  • Blouses: As long as there are no major stains on your blouses, your blouse can be dry cleaned every three to four wears. But for silk blouses, cleaning them after each wear is a must.
  • Pants and Skirts: For these pieces, you can have them dry cleaned after three to four wears. 

The Bottom Line: Choose a Reliable Dry Cleaner for Your Clothes

Now that you know how often you should have pieces of your clothes dry cleaned, you need to ensure you’re leaving your clothes in the hands of a professional team. Choosing the right dry cleaners for your clothes can help save your clothes from further damage, and you’ll be excited to have them back since they’ll be good as new. 

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