Bed Matters: Things You Should Know about Your Duvet


After a tiring day with our muscles all sore, we want to lay on our comfortable beds. However, if we do not take special care of our duvets, we might twist and turn all night long, so wise homeowners would prefer to send this essential bed accessory to the dry cleaner rather than clean it themselves. 

In this blog, we will discuss the duvet. We will primarily discuss what a duvet is, its benefits, and why it is prudent to take a duvet to a dry cleaner for a better night’s sleep.

This Is a Duvet.

A duvet is a European style of bedding. It is a comforter filled with down or feathers surrounded by a protective fabric shell. Some are designed to be heated, and some are designed to be reversible. The cover can be removed, and the duvet can be washed easily.Duvet is a French word meaning “down.” In French, it is pronounced, “doo-vay.” Archaeologists found primitive duvets in China. They found out that the Chinese already used this kind of bedding way back in 3000 BC.

They also discovered that the Vikings made duvets, but they had no design or pattern. In later years, only the aristocrats and royalty could afford featherbeds.

Duvet Vs. Duvet Cover

A duvet can be used as a standalone item, but it can also be used with an added duvet cover to enhance its look and feel. If a duvet can last for ten years, it is a good investment. It is a worthwhile investment, and thus, homeowners should take good care and store it properly for years to come.

A duvet is often confused with a duvet cover. The duvet is the actual comforter filled with down or feathers surrounded by a protective shell. A duvet cover is an outer shell that covers the duvet.

The duvet cover can be washed, but it cannot be washed. If you want to clean it, the process would be tedious. You would have to remove the feathers from the duvet first before you can wash it. If so, why not simply send it to the dry cleaner?

Caring for Your Duvet

To extend the life of your duvet, you must take good care of it. Although you can wash the duvet yourself, the task is tedious and may even damage the item. You should take the duvet to the dry cleaner because it will do the job right.

What if you want to send the duvet to the dry cleaner, but it is pretty big? In this case, you might research dry cleaners that offer pick-up services. Some cleaners even offer affordable flat rate pick-up and delivery services. Once your duvet is at the cleaners, they will wash it, repair any damages, remove any mites or bed bugs, sanitize it, and even repair any rips.


A duvet is essential for every bed, but it requires special care. You must take special care, but kindly remember that this task is tedious and time-consuming. If you do not have the time to clean your duvet, you can send it to a dry cleaner.  

If you are looking for a reputable dry cleaner to clean your duvet, you should look up Goodfellow Cleaners. We can restore your duvet back to its former glory, so take this essential bed accessory to us now!

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