Beddings 101: How Often Should You Wash Your Beddings

Wash Your Beddings

As a homeowner, you have a plethora of responsibilities on your plate, from making sure you have food on the table and tending to your garden to cleaning up each room and washing and putting new beddings on every bed.

Beddings are a vital element for every bedroom. Its comfort and coziness set the mood for sleeping and instantly makes you get ready for hours of rest. However, many people aren’t aware of how often they should wash their beddings. Sometimes, people forget to do so, making it much easier for them to trust their local dry cleaners to do the job. 

If you’re curious about how often you should wash your beddings, keep reading. In this article, we’ve dissected each part of beddings, and we’ll share with you some cleaning information you need to know. Let’s begin!

Sheets and pillowcases

According to health professionals and hospitality experts, washing your sheets and pillowcases at least once per week is ideal. This is because oils, dead skin, and dirt from your bodies will transfer to your sheets, ultimately causing stains and collecting bacteria and pathogens. Besides that, you should know that dust mites feed on dead skin, and their feces can trigger allergy symptoms.

Also, you should check your beddings for stains before you wash them or have them cleaned by dry cleaners so that you can inform them of areas that may need treatment right away.


When you use a pillow protector for your pillows before putting pillowcases, you’ll probably only need to wash your pillows about three times a year. On the other hand, your pillow protector must be cleaned monthly. 

Again, just like your sheets and pillowcases, the oils and dirt from your face and hair can get soaked up by the pillows, making it vital that you wash your pillow protectors with mild detergent monthly to help them stay clean, safe, and fresh. 

However, if you don’t use pillow protectors, it’s best to wash your pillows monthly to keep oils and dirt out of your face.


One way to know how often you should wash your blankets is how much you use them. If they’re always at the end of your bed, unrolled and unused, washing them every few months is fine. However, if you use a blanket daily, washing it weekly or bi-weekly is recommended. 

When washing your blankets, make sure you’re following specific instructions as directed by the brand. If you’re worried about doing this yourself, leave it to expert dry cleaners to handle your blankets. They’ll know the right methods and washing techniques to help keep the blankets’ fluff.

Comforters and duvet covers

The primary purpose of comforters and duvet covers is to protect your beddings and their interiors from everyday dirt. Unless you’ve stained the comforter, you won’t need to wash it more than twice a year. As for the cover, you’ll need to wash it weekly. 

These bedding sets are usually too big for a washing machine to handle, and sometimes, hand washing is best. But again, with the help of dry cleaners, they’ll be able to do this task perfectly for you.


Your beddings are essential parts of your room that help you get that much-needed rest. And for this reason, it’s best to keep them clean and safe for you to use. With the help of the information we shared above and trusting professional dry cleaners, you’ll come home to a room with the comfiest and freshest bed you can lay on every night of every day. 

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