Dry Cleaning 101: The Clothes You Should Only Dry-Clean

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The more clothes you have, the more responsibility you take on. With a large number of garments to wash and dry clean, you must choose very carefully between the two cleaning methods. Make sure you know which garments should be dry cleaned and which should be washed. 

To help you sort your clothes, read on to discover this list of the clothes you should only dry-clean.


Silk clothing can last a lifetime if properly cared for. Silk garments can be hand-washed, but they should be dry-cleaned. Dry-cleaning silk and other fabrics with specialized chemicals help to preserve their colour and shine. Dry-cleaning should only be done on bright, printed, lined, or dark silk garments. These items can deteriorate if washed by hand. 

Embellished Garments 

Garments with sequins and other embellishments may fall apart while being washed. You could spend an entire day removing sequins and embellishments from your washer before going shopping for a new garment. 

Pleated Clothes

Pleated clothes can be destroyed by a washing machine. The pleats will fade, and the sharpness of the garment will diminish. Your local dry cleaner can save the pleats while keeping your clothes clean. 


Rayon fabrics should not be machine-washed unless you want them to remain dirty when you take them out of the washer. To clean rayon garments, dry cleaning chemicals can be used. 


When it comes to suits, your main concern should be retaining its original fit and shape. What appeared to be a perfect fit may become too tight or ill-fitting after a wash cycle. Dry cleaning, on the other hand, keeps suits in shape. Your suit will retain its original fit after dry cleaning. 


Wool can be washed in the washing machine, but it may lose its shape. Boxy, cropped sweaters can result as a result of this. Dry-cleaning services will keep your wool garments in good condition. Are you tired of ill-fitting sweaters? Take them to the dry cleaners. 

Lined Clothes

If your clothes have a lining, you should look up “dry cleaning near me” and use it. When you wash lined clothing, the lining deteriorates and the garment sags. Using dry-cleaning services avoids this. 


Go to a dry cleaner with your leather jacket, pants, or other leather garments. They will deteriorate in the presence of water and must be discarded after washing. Your leather items will be cleaned and refreshed by your dry cleaner to return them to their original condition. 


You almost certainly appreciate the opulence of velvet if you own it. When washed, they lose their opulence. When dry cleaned, velvet retains its softness. Furthermore, when you take your clothes to the dry cleaner, they will retain their shape. 


The majority of linen can be machine washed, although dry cleaning is advised for these items. Before using linen, it should be washed and ironed. Certain linens are labelled as dry clean only. 


Certain dry cleaners can handle Cashmere, especially if they use a gentle solvent. You do, however, have another option. Cashmere, contrary to popular belief, can be hand washed. However, do not put it in the washer because it will be ruined. Instead, wash all cashmere garments by hand. In cold water, lather up a cashmere shampoo like this one. Then, instead of drying it in the dryer, hang it to dry. 


Now that you have this list, you can sort through your clothes and know how to best care for them. With the proper care, you can make your beloved fashion pieces last for a longer time. Now, you don’t need to worry about ruining your clothes for your next event!

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