Dry Cleaning 101: 6 Clothing Items That Must Be Dry Cleaned

Dry Cleaning

Among the many chores at home, doing the laundry is perhaps the most taxing because there will always be a ton of clothes to be washed. Regardless, it has to be done or else you’ll run out of clean clothes to wear. While most clothes can be washed by hand or machine, some clothes require dry cleaning.

Dry cleaning is a method of cleaning clothes where the fabric isn’t wet. Instead, dry cleaning uses unique chemical solutions to help remove dirt, oil and other harmful substances from the clothes. Some clothes require dry cleaning because they’re made from delicate fabrics that cannot withstand the harsh effects of washing or drying by hand or machine. Furthermore, dry cleaning can be a good idea because it can prolong the life of the fabric and can even increase the fabric’s shine, colour, and texture.

To help you understand better, here are some of the most common clothing items that should only be dry cleaned:

#1 – Clothes with Manufactured Pleating

Clothes with pleating can be costly and of top quality. Sadly, these clothes are also very delicate, so you have to be very careful when washing them. In most cases, clothes with pleating are dry cleaned because of the intricate craft invested in them.

Pleated clothes are also usually very fitted, and they require dry cleaning because washing and drying them by hand or machine will cause the pleating to come out and ruin the clothes entirely.

#2 – Fur with Skin

Fur is another clothing item that should only be dry cleaned. Fur without the skin is often used as trim and can sometimes be found in clothing items. These clothes are easily damaged and should only be dry cleaned. Fur without the skin is dry cleaned because it can shrink, meaning machine or hand-washing shouldn’t be done at all costs.

However, there are some cases when fur can be machine or hand-washed. This only applies to fur with skin because the skin can help the fur retain its size. But even in this case, it’s best to have your fur dry cleaned.

#3 – Leather

Just like fur, leather should only be dry cleaned. Leather is very delicate, and machine or hand washing will cause it to shrink and discolour. It’s best to have your leather clothes dry cleaned to ensure that they will last longer. The chemicals in the dry cleaning solution can also help remove oil, dirt and other harmful substances.

Additionally, leather clothes are costly, and they’ll be ruined if they’re machine or hand washed. It’s best to have your leather clothes dry cleaned to ensure they’ll look as good as new.

#4 – Suede

Suede is another delicate type of fabric, and it should only be dry cleaned to extend its life. Like leather, suede can be dry cleaned to remove dirt, oil and other harmful substances. Furthermore, the dry cleaning solution chemicals can help remove stains and other unsightly spots.

Some suede fabrics can be hand-washed or machine-washed, but it’s best to check with the retailer where you purchased the garment. You should also never clean suede with warm or hot water because this can damage the fabric.

#5 – Viscose and Polyamide

Viscose and polyamide are fabrics that should only be dry cleaned to protect their shine, colour and texture. Machine washing these clothes can cause some dyes to fade and cause irreversible damage to the fabric. Handwashing them is not recommended either because the material will become weaker.

Furthermore, these fabrics have a very delicate lustre, and the dry cleaning process can help keep the luster and shine of the material.

#6 – Wool

Wool is another fabric that should only be dry cleaned. One of the primary reasons behind this is that wool is very delicate. In addition, like fur with skin, wool can shrink and lose its shape if machine or hand-washed. This can cause the garment to have irregular edges and lose its fit.


As you can see, dry cleaning is the best way to clean some clothes, especially those made from delicate fabrics. But even if the clothes in question can be hand-washed or machine washed, it’s best to go the dry cleaning route. This way, you’ll get beautiful garments that will last you long.

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