The Importance of Taking Note of Dry Clean Only Garments

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It might be disheartening to realize that a new wool suit or silk shirt has a “dry clean only” label. Is it essential that you comply with this directive? How important is it to dry particular clean materials, and what makes it safer than washing them? 

So that you don’t accidentally destroy a delicate fabric in the washing machine, get the answers to your queries below.

Describe the Meaning of “Dry Clean Only.”

Dry clean only clothing is materials that are not safe to wash in water. They are typically fabrics sensitive to solvents that could be destroyed by friction and the heat of a washing machine. 

Dry clean only garments need to be prepared and cleaned in a very particular manner to prevent damage.

Why Are Some Clothes Labelled as “Dry Clean Only?”

Some garments are labelled as dry clean only because they are made from sensitive fabrics. The washing machine may damage silk, wool, and other materials because of friction and heat. 

Sometimes, the dyes and other treatments used to make these materials incompatible with water.

What Are Some Examples of Materials That Should Be Dry Cleaned?

Wool and silk that have been treated excellently, for example, can lose their appeal when exposed to water. You might lose dyes, treatments, or other things.

Some people also use the term “dry clean only” to refer to garments you cannot wash because of their fragile fabrics and construction. These items are typically delicate and may tear, snag, or unravel when washed.

Dry Cleaning Is a Better Option for Certain Fabrics than Wet Cleaning

In a dry-cleaning process, natural and synthetic textiles may be cleaned using chemical solvents rather than water. There are several reasons for this:

You may avoid shrinkage, deterioration, loss of colour and other issues when delicate things are subjected to the rigours of a washing machine and dryer by using a dry cleaner.

Dry cleaning removes stains and spills that water can’t since it dissolves grease and oil like water can’t.

A Guide to Home Laundry for Dry-Cleaned Clothes

If you insist on hand-washing your dry-cleaned clothes, here are some pointers to help you succeed:

  • You may test colorfastness by dampening a cotton swab with mild washing detergent and rubbing it into a concealed seam. It’s best to get the item dry cleaned if any colour comes out.
  • You must stitch beading, sequins and other embellishments on and colorfast so you may wash them at home without losing their lustre. Colorfast tests may reveal glue or dye residue, so sending the garment for a professional dry cleaning is best.
  • Garments with “dry clean” on the tag, such as polyester, cotton, linen, cashmere, nylon, and acrylic clothes, may be washed by hand in cold water. Pour cold water and mild dishwashing detergent into a sink. Rinse the clothing with cold water after agitating it with your hands for a few minutes. To avoid stretching the cloth, don’t wring the water out.
  • Machine-wash certain things with care: Polyester and other more durable “dry clean” clothes may also be washed in the machine. Turn the clothing inside out, put them in a mesh bag, use light detergent, and run the delicate cycle to reduce the risk of damaging them.
  • Never put dry clean clothes in the dryer. The intense heat can destroy delicate clothing even if you wash it by hand or in the washer. Squeeze out any remaining water from the garments and hang or lay them flat to dry.


Hopefully, you have now gained a clearer understanding of the importance of dry cleaning and the materials that may be dry cleaned. Don’t forget to read care labels when you buy new clothes so that you are sure to maintain their quality for years to come.

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