Dry Cleaning 3 Garments That Can Easily Trap Viruses

Down-Filled Coats

The pandemic continues to shed light on the sheer importance of keeping your hands clean. It’s a simple action that can reduce your risk of contracting COVID-19, but what about the virus that sticks to your clothes? 

People invest in harsh chemical cleaning solvents in an attempt to curb the spread, but research found it’s not the cleaning agent that can kill the harmful bacteria, but more on its exposure to higher temperatures.

This makes dry cleaning one of the best way to disinfect your closet, and while anyone can do this chore at home, the list below explores some garments worth disinfecting in a professional dry cleaner: 

1. Fur 

Most fur coats come with oils to maintain its sheen for years to come, but the very same component that keeps it looking fresh can trap dust and disease-causing bacteria. It can quickly become the breeding ground for a virus, but chucking it in the washing machine can do extensive damage to the fur coat. 

Dry cleaning can effectively remove unwanted microbes trapped in the fur without compromising its quality, so don’t forget to include your winter coats in your next laundry run. 

2. Down-Filled Coats 

Down-filled coats are designed to keep you warm during the colder months, but it needs extra TLC when keeping it clean. This means it’s vulnerable to wear-and-tear if you use the washing machine, so it’s best to leave this type of heavy clothing in your local dry cleaner to eliminate the harmful germs safely. 

3. Suede and Leather Clothing 

Caring for leather garments can be tricky, especially since many home detergents can hurt the material and leave it susceptible to breakage. Unfortunately, it has the same oil fur coats use to give the surface a glossy finish, which means it can trap dirt, germs, and more. 

Dry cleaning is the right way to disinfect sensitive clothing like leather or suede, which you can do at least four times a year to keep it safe to use. 

The Bottom Line: How Dry Cleaning can Successfully Disinfect Clothes in a COVID-19 World 

Washing your clothes with cleaners is not enough to reduce the risk of spreading the virus, so it helps to expose your outfits under high temperatures as soon as you get the chance. Dry cleaning is one of the easiest ways to eliminate the bacteria, making it a must-do during this COVID-19 crisis. 

Why Go for Professional Dry Cleaning?

Here at Goodfellow Cleaners, we can do the dirty work for you and bring back the luster in your clothes so you can ensure your outfits are free from viruses, especially in the midst of a pandemic. 

Whether it’s cleaning your everyday OOTDs or giving your party dresses special treatment, our dry cleaning services in Ottawa can seamlessly keep your clothes clean. Get in touch with us to check out our other services and see how we can help transform your closet. 

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