Dry Cleaning Your Clothes Properly: How Do Experts Do It?

dry cleaning

Ever wondered what goes on the moment you drop off your clothes at the dry cleaner’s? Not that you have to worry, because they’re experts. But have you ever thought of their process to keep your garments clean, fresh, and looking brand-new? Here’s a quick overview of how dry cleaners give your clothes the TLC they deserve, from washer settings to the laundry bag used.

Washer Settings

The washer settings are important here, and there’s a right setting to use for every type of cloth. 

Washer settings include gentle, mild, harsh, normal, delicate, etc. Dry cleaners are more than familiar with these labels, so they know which settings to use for a particular fabric. 

Dry cleaners also make sure to check clothing labels and check the manufacturer’s instructions on how to wash the piece of clothing. 


Did you know that one of the reasons clothes lose their “lustre” is also because of the detergent used? When clothes are not washed or dry cleaned with the right detergent, they could lose their aesthetic appeal easily. This is why dry cleaners are extremely particular with the detergents they use!

There are different types of laundry detergents today; some are made for delicate or sensitive fabrics, while some are made for tough fabrics. 

Dry cleaners agree that powdered detergents are harsh for fabrics, so they use the liquid type. 

They also come with labels that contain instructions on how to use them and the right kind of clothes you can use them on. Dry cleaners always read the instructions on the label and can handle a complicated garment.


Did you know that dry cleaners make sure the clothes are inside out before they load them in the machine? This is because there are times when the machine’s spinning can impact the wear and tear on your clothes, which is why it’s better if the interiors of the clothes are on the receiving end instead of the outside. It is also recommended when washing clothes with buttons to ensure that they don’t loosen. 


Most of the time, dry cleaners use cold water when washing your clothes. This is because hot water can make your clothes fade faster. Hot water is only used for gardening clothes, soiled sheets, and camping wear. 

Laundry Bag

There are different types of laundry bags today, but dry cleaners prefer a mesh bag. Mesh bags are made from a porous and resilient polyester mesh material that can let soap and water pass through easily. Additionally, they prevent other particles from getting through. 

Dry cleaners would put your mesh bag filled with clothes inside the machine and put it on spin mode. As a result, this makes things so much easier and everything will be in one place. 

Ready for Better-Looking Clothes? 

Your quest for soft, carefree garments, which will help you look your best at all times, has certainly come to an end thanks to dry cleaning. Dry cleaning is the best way to extend the life of your favourite garments and reduce wrinkles. 

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