How Does Dry Cleaning Make My Clothes Last Longer?

dry cleaning

Dry cleaning is a process of cleaning clothes and fabrics using a chemical solvent instead of water. The solvent used in dry cleaning is typically a petroleum-based solvent. Dry cleaning is a popular method for cleaning clothes and fabrics because it is less likely to damage them than other methods, such as washing with water. Dry cleaning is also effective at removing stains and dirt that are difficult to remove with other methods.

That said, did you know that dry cleaning actually helps to make your clothes longer? It does!

Today, we want to talk about how the dry cleaning process works and how exactly it makes your clothes last longer:

How Does Dry Cleaning Work?

The dry cleaning process begins with a pre-treatment of the stained area. The pre-treatment helps to loosen the stain and makes it easier to remove during the cleaning process.

After the pre-treatment, the clothing or fabric is placed in a dry cleaning machine. The dry cleaning machine uses tetrachloroethylene to clean the clothing or fabric.

After the dry cleaning process is complete, the clothing or fabric is placed in a drying chamber. The drying chamber helps to remove any remaining tetrachloroethylene from the clothing or fabric.

Once the clothing or fabric is dry, it is then pressed and ready to be worn!

How Does Dry Cleaning Make My Clothes Last Longer?

Dry cleaning is one of the best ways to keep your clothes looking their best for as long as possible. By removing dirt and stains, dry cleaning can help prevent wear and tear on your clothing. Additionally, dry cleaning can help preserve the colour and fabric of your clothes. These factors combined make your clothes last longer overall.

Can I Use Dry Cleaning for Any Clothes?

While dry cleaning is not required for every piece of clothing, it is often recommended for items that are made of delicate fabrics or that are particularly difficult to clean. Dry cleaning can also be a good option for clothes that are stained or that have been worn frequently.

If you are unsure about whether or not to dry clean an item of clothing, it is always best to consult the care label. The care label will list the recommended cleaning method for the garment. In most cases, dry cleaning is the best way to extend the lifespan of your clothes. However, there are cases where dry cleaning isn’t recommended for a specific piece of cloth.


As you can see, dry cleaning is a process built to ensure your clothes, especially the delicate and hard-to-clean ones, are perfectly clean. With the help of special chemicals, not only will it leave your clothes looking fresh but even brand-new. So, if you’re interested in getting some of your clothes dry-cleaned, we highly recommend reaching out to professional dry cleaners to do the job for you. Not only will this ensure that your clothes are properly cleaned, but that the risk of damaging your clothes by accident is minimized!

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