Dry Cleaning Tips: How Often Should I Dry Clean My Clothes?

Dry Cleaning Tips

All clothes need to be washed to stay clean and fresh. Washing clothes removes the germs, dirt, and irritants stuck in them. However, not all clothes should be washed the same. Some need adequate protection, depending on the material they are made of. That is why garments made from materials such as silk, wool, taffeta, velvet, rayon, and acetate, should be professionally dry-cleaned. 

How Dry Cleaning Works

This is how dry cleaning works: Dry cleaning uses non-water-based solvents to break down dirt. This solvent is composed of liquids with dissolved chemicals. 

  • Clothes with stubborn stains are first pre-treated with steam jets and other chemicals before they undergo the dry cleaning process. 
  • Then, the clothes are washed and rinsed with the solvent for a short time. 
  • The clothes will then go through a quick tumble cycle with warm air. That is how the clothes dry without any heat damage. 
  • The final step is a deodorizing blast that will eliminate any chemical smell from the fabric. 

The dry cleaning process is quick and easy, but it can be rough for your clothes. The solvent used in the process can weaken your clothes’ fabric over time. If you want to maintain your clothes’ quality, you should limit their exposure to repeated friction. Here is our recommended schedule for sending your wardrobe essentials to the dry cleaning:

On Blouses

Recommended dry clean schedule: Every three to four uses

Blouses are usually made from delicate and dry-clean-only fabrics, like silk. These materials absorb sweat quickly, and blouses are always in close contact with your skin, so they need to be dry cleaned once every three to four uses. If the need arises, you can increase the washing schedule frequency during the summer months. For thin silks, you need to have them dry-cleaned every one to two uses.  

Added Tip: If you want to extend the time between dry cleaning sessions, consider wearing cotton clothes underneath your blouses. That way, you have a barrier between your skin and blouse.

On Sweaters

Recommended dry clean schedule: Every two to five uses (will depend on how sweaty you got)

Different materials used for sweaters have different levels of liquid and stain absorption. For example, a wool sweater has a waxy coating, which acts as a barrier against liquids and stains. This layer also prevents static that attracts dirt and dust. Because of this barrier, wool sweaters can be worn for three to five times before deep cleaning. On the other hand, cashmere sweaters are more delicate. They will need more care, and you need to wash them after every two uses. 

On Pants and Skirts

Recommended dry clean schedule: Every five uses

Bottoms are usually made of thicker materials that make them less prone to wrinkles and creases. Unless you have a stain to remove, you can bring your pants and skirts to the cleaners after five uses or so. 

On Dresses

Recommended dry clean schedule: Every one to two uses

Evening dresses, such as a little black dress, should always look fresh and clean, so consider washing them every one or two uses. 

On Jackets, Coats, and Blazers 

Recommended dry clean schedule: Once a season

Coats and jackets do not directly contact your skin, so it is safe to wash them fewer times than other clothes mentioned in this list. Once every season is acceptable if they are not exposed to too much dirt and dust.

For blazers, which you often wear and for a longer time, you might need to wash them more frequently. Check their material to see how often you should take them to the cleaners. If they are made from wool, you can wear them longer. If they are made from materials such as polyester, rayon, or viscose, you may need to wash them every two to three uses. 


Keeping your clothes clean and fresh is important, but so is caring for your clothes’ condition. If you do not want them to get worn out so quickly, learn the proper timing of when to wash them. This list can serve as your guide. However, if you think you need to wash some of your clothes already, go on and have them cleaned. 

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