Dry Cleaning Your Wedding Dress: Why It’s Important

wedding dress

Those reality TV shows regarding wedding dresses exist for a reason—wedding dresses are highly significant, especially for the bride-to-be. You’ve likely spent much of your waking hours trying to find your dream dress, going through countless boutiques and searching all over the internet to find even a semblance of what the dress could look like.

Once you’ve found it, stepping into it to show your friends and family must have been a magical time, reminiscent of Cinderella fitting the glass shoe. Wearing it on your actual wedding day magnifies the dream and magic, marking your role as the bride forever. You’d naturally want to keep your wedding dress as sacred as possible, ensuring that it receives care well after your vows.

While you may never get to wear it again, having it preserved for the sake of memory is definitely worth doing. Your family can pass it down for future generations of weddings, keeping the love and magic intricately woven in the fabric alive.

How do you preserve a white wedding dress, you may ask? The answer is through dry cleaning, and here’s why:

Reason #1: Dry cleaning prevents discoloration

Over time, white, ivory, and cream hues of dresses will gradually deteriorate into an ugly shade of yellow. Other pigmented gowns also lose their color after long periods of storage, even though you rarely have them cleaned. Exposure to sunlight may be the main culprit, but other chemical changes also occur unseen to the naked eye. 

Through dry cleaning, however, you’ll be able to preserve your gown’s color by using non-toxic and odorless products. They’re gentle but potent enough to fight to signs of fading, as well as keeps white gowns looking new and bright.

Reason #2: Dry cleaning stops your gown’s fibers from stretching

Leaving your wedding gown hanging in your wardrobe will eventually take its toll on your dress. The fibers will gradually stretch and tear, leaving loose threads and an unsightly fit. It’s better to defy gravity and keep your dress in a box, keeping it free from tension.

Unfortunately, cleaning your gown will further encourage fiber stretching. Leaving it out to dry, with water weight underneath will do more harm than good, so it’s best to leave the cleaning to the professionals.

Reason #3: Dry cleaning helps get rid of unwanted stains

A night of fun is exactly what weddings should be about, but as soon as the doors close, it’s best to send your dress off to the professionals to get those cake and wine stains off! Acting fast is the best way to preserve your gown’s color, but do keep in mind that stains develop over time, even with proper storage.

To ensure that you get rid of every possible stain in your wedding dress, allow a professional dry cleaner to work their magic. With the right tools and chemicals, they’ll deliver your dress back in pristine condition.

The Bottom Line

As the ultimate symbol of your wedding, your dress should be treated with the utmost care. Not only does it signify your special day, but it’s also the testament to hours and hours of researching, trying on dresses, and hoping to find the perfect one for you.

The very dress you’re holding is a match made in heaven, and the tears you have likely shed as you tried it on for the first time is a memory worth preserving.

To ensure that your wedding dress falls into the right hands, the Good Fellow Cleaners of Ottawa are the team to call. With over 25 years of experience, our team can handle the most delicate pieces, be it special occasions clothing or everyday clothing. Entrust your wedding dress with our professional dry cleaning services—book an appointment today!

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