The Best Hanger Materials for Your Dry-Cleaned Clothes


Your dry-cleaned clothes may come to you on wire hangers. While those hangers are good for transporting your clothes from one destination to another, they’re not suitable for long-term use. The wire isn’t strong enough to support your garments, and it can cause your clothes to stretch out or change shape. 

You must choose the right hangers to keep your clothes looking good. Hangers usually depend on the garment type you need to hang, especially with how much support it needs. Here are the perfect hanger types for all your garments:


Wood Hangers | Suits and Heavy Clothes


Wood hangers provide adequate support, making them the best choice for suits, coats, and heavy clothing in general. This type of hanger is highly durable, balances the weight of the fabric, and prevents clothes from stretching. Moreover, the durability of the wood ensures that the hanger will remain intact for years to come.

While wood hangers can be more expensive than other hanger types, they’re a good investment. In addition, you have many wood types to choose from, allowing you to create a specific look of your choice. They’re also elegant-looking, matching the appearance of your suits. 


Satin Hangers | Lightweight and Wrinkle-Prone Clothes


Your dry-cleaned clothes will be delivered to you pressed and wrinkle-free, in the condition that you want to keep them until you wear them. That clean, crisp look is a match for satin hangers that easily support delicate and lightweight items. 

Since satin is gentle on clothes, they prevent your garments from developing creasing and damage. However, they’re not suitable for heavy items like suits and coats. Satin hangers aren’t strong enough for heavy clothes, but they’re excellent for lightweight garments. 


Velvet Hangers | Delicate Clothes


Delicate clothes need extra care even more than your lightweight items. Soft velvet is the perfect material for your delicate garments. It provides enough support and is made of soft material.

Velvet hangers are also non-slip, which means they keep your clothes in place. You don’t need to worry about them sliding off, falling to the floor, and getting dirty. However, the velvet colour can transfer onto clothes when wet, which isn’t really a problem for dry-cleaned clothes. Still, it’s worth noting that.

So ensure that you only hang dry garments onto velvet hangers or else you’ll have a problem with removing the stain.


Padded Hangers | Evening Wear and Knitted Clothes


Your evening wear and knitted clothing won’t get damaged when you hang them using padded hangers. Thanks to the padding, your knits won’t get loose threads or rips. Moreover, they also don’t change the shape of your clothing, which is vital for these two garment types.


Ensuring that your clothes get the proper care and maintenance does not begin and end in the dry cleaning. You need to provide your clothes with the perfect hanger material for them to last long without the material getting ruined. Moreover, if you’re into expensive clothing, getting a suitable hanger material is just more vital. 

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