Here’s the Proper Way to Clean and Care for Linen Fabric

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Among other clothing materials, linen is one of the most complicated fabrics to wash and clean. Unlike other fabrics, it requires a more special washing and ironing technique because its material is sensitive and prone to wrinkling. Commonly, linen is used as tablecloths, curtains, centrepieces, and bedsheets. Meanwhile, others enjoy this fabric for loungewear and summer staples.

With the help of some products and effective techniques, you can also be knowledgeable in managing the care of linen materials at home. However, if you think you can’t do the job, it is recommended to get professional dry cleaning services. 

Below are some of the effective ways to clean and care for linens at home:

Spot Cleaning

Spot cleaning is one of the easiest and most effective ways to clean bedsheets, dresses, suits, or any other linen items. This technique makes them stain-free and lasts for long years of use. 

For items like clothing and suits, it will be helpful to check for the tag to know the cleaning option that best suits the material. If it indicates “dry cleaning” only, you have to take the garment to professional dry cleaning shops. However, if hand washing or machine washing is allowed, you need to wash the stain immediately.

When handwashing, you can lay out the linen and rub some baking soda into the affected area until the stain is dissolved. You may opt to add some drops of lemon juice as this can get rid of the stain safely. You can also resort to some over-the-counter stain removers, but make sure to get naturally made products to retain the original colour.

After soaking the baking soda into the material for a bit, you should wash the fabric and line dry. Avoid putting the linen into the dryer because its heat will just make the stain set permanently.

Regular Washing

Unless stated by the manufacturer, it is not needed to dry clean your linen clothing at all. Keep in mind that a stain that is hard to remove should be handled by a professional.

If you’re using a washing machine, it is essential to wash the linens in the gentlest way possible. Use only mild detergents when hand washing or machine washing. Never use too cold or hot water as it may affect the fabric. 

The same goes for the drying procedure. The dryer’s heat can make the material stiff, so remove the fabric right before it becomes totally dry. Remember not to wring or scrunch the fabric as it may result in permanent wrinkling. 

Ironing Tips

One common problem with linen is that it can easily be wrinkled. The hassle of ironing is there, but few tips will make ironing a lot easier. Have the material a bit damp to make ironing easy later on. You can also resort to steaming when needed. 


Linen is one of the most remarkable and widely used materials for home items like curtains, table cloths, centrepieces, and bedsheets. It is also a top option for breathable suits and clothing. To make sure that your linen fabric will last for a long time, proper cleaning and care should be done, including bringing it to the dry cleaner’s when needed.

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