How Often Should You Dry Clean Certain Clothes?


Having a wardrobe of essential pieces is a must for both men and women. When you have all your formal, work, and casual clothes organised, you’re pretty much set for any occasion. And if you can build any outfit you could possibly need, it’s all a matter of keeping your clothing in good condition. One of the best ways to do so is by dry cleaning. 

An important thing to remember is that not everything in your closet needs to be cleaned after wearing them once. So, the question stands. How often should you have your clothes dry cleaned? By understanding what works for each type of clothing you own, you can help prolong its lifespan. 

In this article, we will break down the frequency of cleaning that each garment needs.

Formal and Business Attire

One garment that doesn’t need to be dry cleaned often is a suit. These pieces do not have direct contact with your skin, so there’s no need to get them dry cleaned every time you wear them. However, you must keep in mind that your business and formal suits should be cleaned at different frequencies. After all, you wear your business suits regularly whereas you wear formal suits only during special events.

Business suits are ideally cleaned after four to five wears, while formal suits can be cleaned once every season or after wearing them once. To keep these garments in good condition between dry cleaning, you can spot clean and brush them at home.

Dress Pants, Skirts, and Formal Dresses

Some dress pants and skirts are made of stain-repellent material. This feature allows you to wear your clothes a few times before sending them to an Ottawa dry cleaner. On the other hand, formal dresses are made from fragile materials, which means they have to be dry cleaned more often than your dress pants and skirts.

The ideal cleaning frequency for formal dresses is after every wear. Dress pants and skirts can be dry cleaned after you have worn them four to five times. To lessen the frequency of cleaning and keep them in good condition while you’re at home, you can hang and air out these garments after wearing them.

Silk Blouses and Button-Down Shirts

The last on the list are button-down shirts and silk blouses. These garments come into direct contact with your skin, which means they absorb all the sweat and dirt on your body. This warrants more trips to your local dry cleaner. 

Button-down shirts, in particular, can be cleaned after being worn three to four times. However, if the shirt is white, then it needs to be cleaned after each wear. Silk blouses also need to be dry cleaned after being worn once.

If you want to limit your trips to the dry cleaner, you can wear an undershirt so that your clothes will not be in direct contact with your skin. You can also extend your clothes’ lifespan by requesting the dry cleaner not to starch your shirts.


Ensuring that your clothes are clean and fresh will help prolong their life. If you want to make the most of your garments, you need to clean them only when necessary. When your clothes need to be cleaned, you can reach out to a reliable Ottawa dry cleaner.

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