How to Care for a Suede Jacket: What You Need to Know

Suede Jacket

Do you know how to take care of your suede jacket? You need to, or else you will be forced to throw yours out. Even if suede jackets are made to be high-quality and elegant in style, you still need to take preventative measures to keep it that way. 

This guide looks into the basics of suede jacket care. The main goal is to make sure you get to use your jacket for a long time without needing major repairs. You may also be looking to expand your wardrobe and buy different coloured suede jackets or more modern designs, in which case the information below will also be helpful.


  • Check and keep the collar clean


The jacket’s collar is the most vulnerable to dirt and sweat. When used back-to-back over several days, the collar can become dirty or develop a foul odour. This is why you should also be wary about the scarf that you use since it can also contaminate the collar. 

Remember to allow the suede jacket to dry before having it dry cleaned, especially if you wore it while you were sweaty. If you can see dirt around the collar area, this simply means you need to get the suede jacket dry cleaned. Don’t ever resort to hard washing your jacket as doing so can damage it further. 


  • Take note of the style or ageing process


Suede jackets have a peculiar style, and the overall colour may change gradually over time. This a natural occurrence in most styles and is what the jacket is known for. This is also the case for most leather products like bags or shoes. 

Since a suede jacket ages gracefully, make sure it is a style that you will not grow tired of loving. If you really want to have a versatile style, consider owning more than one jacket and pick different suede colours and textures. 


  • Have proper suede jacket care tools ready


As you wear your suede jacket, it is possible for it to be stained or exposed to rain. However, these can also ruin your jacket over time if not cared for carefully, so get a basic suede care toolkit with the following items: a waterproofer, suede eraser or brush, and power (either baby powder or cornstarch). Don’t forget to use them for only the appropriate situation. 

Waterproofer spray acts as a protective layer on your suede jacket. You use it before wearing the jacket to avoid unfortunate liquid spills or rain that can ruin the suede’s quality or colour. That way, any liquid the jacket comes into contact with rolls right off.

In case there is light dirt that can be easily brushed off, use a gentle suede eraser or brush instead of your bare hands that may leave marks. In the case of oil stains, you will need to apply powder and let it sit overnight. Then, simply brush it off in the morning with a suede brush. 


  • Have your suede jacket professionally cleaned


Basic cleaning and maintenance can only go so far. Don’t forget to have your suede jackets professionally cleaned by a dry cleaning service. Doing so will help you ensure that your jacket’s cleanliness and longevity are kept in mind. This also gives the suede a layer of freshness and protection once you start wearing it again. 


Besides staying fashionable and comfortable, keep your suede jacket in top condition by adhering to the basic tips mentioned above. Think of it as a wardrobe investment or a valuable piece in your collection. 

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