How to Clean Different Types of Duvets: A Household’s Guide

duvet on bed

If you are used to having duvets in your home, you may assume that it can be machine-washed like most twin-sized ones. However, if you have larger types made from particular materials, you may not be doing enough to clean them. Worse, you can damage them and affect your sleeping experience. To ensure you address these issues properly, use this article as your guide to duvet washing for various kinds of materials. 


  • Silk Duvet


You may have a silk duvet for your bedroom since it’s made to repel dust mites and bodily oils. The problem is you cannot simply use regular washing for such because the material is delicate. 

Certain detergents and water can even gradually affect your duvet’s condition. It would be a huge waste of money on your part to let this happen since you have to buy a suitable replacement. Thus, you should always rely on dry cleaning for effective washing. 

On the other hand, if you see stains on your silk duvet, there’s no need to bring it to the laundromat. All you need to do is spot cleaning, meaning you can scrub specific dirty areas with a damp cloth and some soap until it becomes clean again. Afterward, leave it out to dry, but only do so when it’s a particularly warm day, or else it may get damaged during colder weather.


  • Wool Duvet 


Wool divots come in varying qualities, meaning some are machine-washable, while others require dry cleaning. Luckily, you can always check the care label to see which option is recommended. 

Most wool variants can also be aired out by exposing them to the sun and spot drying. You also don’t need to wash it as much because it’s typically more low maintenance than other duvets. What you do have to watch out for is spot cleaning. 

Like silk duvets, you can use a damp cloth and soap for cleaning dirty staining off, but you do have to be mindful about the detergent you use by ensuring that it’s mild. Alternatively, you can also place your wool duvet inside the dryer with your wet cleaning towel for 15-20 minutes, depending on the thickness and size.


  • Cotton Duvet


Cotton duvets or cotton-blend types can be an ideal substitute for other types, like synthetic or wool. It can also come in more luxurious varieties, such as Egyptian cotton, giving you a more comfortable rest. 

The main issue with these kinds of duvets is they often shrink more and fade more easily than silk and wool. They can also get further damaged if not washed properly. That’s why you must know how to clean it correctly. 

Luckily, you can wash cotton duvets in the washing machine, provided that it’s spun through a lukewarm, gentle cycle. You also have to be mindful of various colour options since they may have different particularities for washing. For instance, softer shades like baby pink and blue may react to harsh fabric softeners. Thus, if you are unsure how to wash it, either read the care label or take it to your local cleaners. 


Duvets are a vital household item to ensure you and your family can sleep easily and stay cozy during the colder nights. Now that you have a better idea about cleaning them, ensure that you also get the right bedding tailored to your needs and preferences. Additionally, don’t worry if you cannot wash them well since you can always rely on professional cleaners to help you, like our team! 

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