How to Prepare to Get Your Clothes Dry Cleaned – Our Guide

clothes dry cleaned

Laundry is a never-ending chore. You wash and dry your clothes, wear them, and toss them into the hamper—only to repeat the process all over again! 

Your clothing will always have to be washed, but the rest of the world doesn’t stop moving, either. In times of busyness when you are swamped with other things that demand your attention, offloading this one task is a great way to stay sane. And what better way to do so than with dry cleaning services?

Dry cleaning will transform your worn, ragged clothing into the crisp outfits they were when you first purchased them. It’s an invaluable service that will never fail when you just need some of your duties to be taken off from your plate. Even so, there are a few important things to do before you drop a load off at your local dry cleaner’s:

Segregating Your Clothing

The first thing that you should do if you plan on getting your clothes dry cleaned is to segregate your clothing. Check every single one of your clothes and segregate them by looking at their care label. A lot of clothes often have a manufacturer’s indicator that dictates which type of cleaning is recommended for the garment. Some garments—such as suits, uniforms, and formal gowns—can only be dry cleaned. There are also tricky fabrics that you may want to avoid washing yourself, such as wool.

Many dry cleaners also offer washing, drying, and folding services for clothing that may not necessarily need special cleaning. These will belong in a separate category.

Preparing Your Clothing

Having your clothes prepared for the cleaners means making it as convenient for the cleaners as much as you can without wasting too much time and effort. You can start by simply getting rid of any litter that could be found in the pockets and creases. Prepare any button-downs by unbuttoning them and making sure they aren’t inside out. You’ll quickly become your dry cleaning service’s favorite customer!

You should also inform your cleaners about any stains that may need special attention. This will ensure they give the garment the care it needs.

Dropping Off Your Clothes

Once you’ve done all the necessary preparations, you should now be ready to send off your clothes. Pack them into a bag or a basket that is clearly marked with your name. You should keep in mind that unless you shell out a little extra for same day dry cleaning services, it might take a day or two for your clothes to be ready for pick up.


The services offered by dry cleaners are invaluable when it comes to the periods of life when you’re short on time or just need a break. Their professional expertise and equipment can also prolong the lifespan of your specialty garments and keep them in good condition for years to come. Before you send a load of clothing off to the dry cleaner’s, though, be sure to separate and prepare them for washing—your dry cleaner will thank you!

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