How to Properly Store Dry-Cleaned Clothing: A Guide

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Do you have a specialty wardrobe you want to last for a long time? If you wish to extend the quality of your clothes, bedsheets, duvets, and more, you need to get quality dry cleaning services. 

More than prolonging the life of your wardrobe, you also free up space in your closet with seasonal clothes tucked neatly away. Such services also ensure that your clothes are ready to wear when they are needed. 

How do you properly store dry-cleaned clothes and linen? Here are some suggestions that may be helpful: 


Use a Dry Cleaning Delivery Service before Storing Your Items


Never keep filthy clothes. First, stains and smells might further develop during storage, making cleaning difficult when wearing garments again. Stains and odours may also attract insects and cause an infestation that can heavily damage your clothing. 

Before storing seasonal clothes away, make sure to drop by your dry cleaner. Since dry-cleaned clothes are often vacuum-packed, you can easily store them neatly at the back of your closet to save some space.


Select a Temperature-Controlled Storage Area


Consider your garment storage options. Putting clothes in the attic isn’t a good idea unless it’s insulated and climate-controlled. Instead, pick a cool temperature-controlled storage area, preferably somewhere dark—like under the bed or in your garage. 

Doing so keeps your clothes from UV radiation that can easily make clothes look old or worn out. Just make sure you store your dry-cleaned clothes in a plastic container to avoid water damage or insect infestation.


Decide What to Hang vs. What to Fold before Storing Garments


It’s also essential to determine which clothes need to go on hangers or folded in storage. Easily stretchable clothing and linen need to be folded, including knits and sweaters.

Conversely, prone-to-wrinkle clothes must be hung. Dry-cleaned clothes come back to you wrinkle-free, and to keep them that way, it is better to hang them in your bedroom closet or a separate one you use for seasonal clothes. It includes suits, dresses, blouses, and shirts.

Dry cleaners typically store gowns in a box, so keep them in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight.

Again, avoid using cardboard boxes to store clothes as they attract insects and develop moisture that could damage your newly dry-cleaned clothing. 

You can also divide clothes inside a plastic container using paper towels in between. Stack the clothes properly without overcrowding them to keep ventilation flowing in the box. Place heavier garments and linen at the bottom of the pile and lighter clothes at the top.


Label All Storage Boxes and Clothing Bags Properly


If you’re keeping a lot of clothes, mark the containers before storing them so if you need anything, you won’t have to search through boxes to find it.

Label the outside of the boxes and clothing bags with a marker or a label, including notes on each clothing bag or storage box so you can quickly identify what’s inside. 


Opt for Cedar Blocks over Moth Balls to Protect Your Clothing


Traditionally, clothes are stored with mothballs to prevent moth damage, but many have abandoned this habit because mothballs are poisonous and can endanger children and pets. They also have an unpleasant odour. If you want your dry-cleaned clothes ready-to-wear when the occasion calls for it, you don’t want them smelling like mothballs. 

A great alternative to mothballs are cedar blocks, as they are capable of keeping bugs away and freshen your clothes at the same time. They are reusable, although they need to be re-sanded and re-oiled every three years.


Dry cleaning your clothes and linens is vital to protect them from fabric damage and premature wear and tear. If you wash them in heat or water in your traditional washer and dryer, the “wet” cleaning process can damage the clothes and either shrink or expand your most-loved garments. 

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