How to Remove Blood Stains From Your Fabrics – Our Guide

Remove Blood Stains From Your Fabrics

Of all the types of stains that you can get on your clothes, a bloodstain is easily one of the worst. Some people can’t stomach the sight of blood, and this type of stain is incredibly hard to get rid of.

However, this does not mean blood stains are impossible to remove. You can successfully get rid of these ugly marks if you follow a few simple steps. Here is what you can do to remove blood stains from most fabrics:

New blood stains

If the bloodstain is relatively new and still wet, you have a good chance of getting it out.

To remove it, you will need to soak whatever it is that got stained in cold water. Warm water will cause the stain to set in permanently, but cold water will help prevent this.

After the stain has sat in cold water, lift it out and use a paper towel or a napkin to gently blot out the stain. Avoid rubbing the stain, as doing so will spread it. 

You may find that you need a little extra help if the stain does not come out entirely. If that is the case, add some salt or dishwashing liquid to the cold water and continue blotting out the blood.

Dried blood stains

If you discover dried blood stains, the cold-water method is not going to work. You need to loosen the particles to get rid of the stain.

To do this, mix two parts lemon juice or baking soda and one part water. Thoroughly mix the solution, then apply a bit of it onto the stained area. If you are working with lemon juice, rub the liquid solution gently on the area. If you decide to use baking soda, leave the paste on the area for at least half an hour, then remove it with a cold towel.

Either way, once you are done treating the stain, you can go ahead and wash the fabric in the machine or hand wash it.

Tough stains

For tough stains that do not disappear, hydrogen peroxide or even ammonia can work exceptionally well.

If you use hydrogen peroxide, you want to ensure that the stained item can withstand the chemical. That is because the solution is quite potent and can destroy delicate fabrics and the like. That said, pour a small amount of it onto the stain and dab it gently with a paper towel until the stain lifts. Continue adding more of the solution and dabbing the area until the stain has disappeared. After that, leave the fabric in the wash.

If hydrogen peroxide does not work, you can use ammonia. Mix the chemical with some water to dilute it slightly, then apply some on the stained area to sit for a few minutes. After that, dab the area with a wet paper towel to remove the bloodstain before washing.


With the above methods, you are more than likely to get rid of any bloodstain you encounter. The faster you take action to get rid of the stain, the more likely you will remove it.

If you are dealing with a stain that never seems to come out, do not lose hope. Dry cleaners can get the job done for you. With their services, you can enjoy perfectly stain-free clothes once more.

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