How to Take Care of Your Wedding Dress After Your Big Day

Wedding Dress

After their wedding, brides often wonder what to do with their gowns. While some consider selling it, having it rented, or donating it, others either repurpose their dress or store it away for safekeeping due to the memories it represents.

Storing a wedding gown isn’t like putting away your other clothes because it requires extra care to ensure it maintains its quality and excellent condition. It contains intricate designs and details that your gown should be handled with care.

First off, you will have to send your wedding dress to the dry cleaners. Keep reading below to find out more ways to preserve your gown to ensure it will last for years to come.   

Opt for Special Cleaning Services

To maintain your wedding dress, you will need the advice of a professional who handles gown preservations accordingly. They will have to come and look at the state of your dress and analyze what it’s made out of, its designs, and all its details to give them an idea of the treatment plan you should have.

Besides that, they will also check for any stains that occurred on your gown during your wedding. You can ask the dry cleaning place you have chosen if they have special services specifically for wedding dresses. As much as possible, ask them if they use virgin solvent instead of other solutions because it is the preferred cleaning formula for wedding gowns. 

Make Sure All Stains Are Handled

It’s not unusual to experience food and beverage spills at your wedding because you’ve had too much fun. If it gets caught on your gown, you just have to get it dry cleaned as soon as possible. Take note that you have to be careful about invisible stains because they tend to last longer than spots that are easy to notice.

If you spill white wine all over your dress and you forget about it the next day, the stain tends to turn dark brown over time. You will start to see the changes within six months or so, and it will be harder to try to remove the stain by then.

Read Your Gown’s Label Instructions

Besides preserving your wedding gown through dry cleaning, you should also listen to the tailor who made your dress. Usually, custom-made gowns will have labels attached to them to give specific instructions for dry cleaning your wedding dress.

Some gowns can only be cleaned with a petroleum solvent. Depending on what the label of your dress says, talk to the dry cleaner in charge and remind them to follow the guidelines to ensure they use the right cleaning solution for your wedding gown.  

Send Your Dress to the Dry Cleaner Right Away

Having your wedding gown cleaned at the earliest time is essential to guarantee you preserve it. After your wedding, you can opt for same-day dry cleaning to assure you there will be no stains in sight, and you can store the dress away safely.

As soon as your wedding reception is over, you should change out of your wedding dress and have your gown sent to the dry cleaning place immediately, especially if you’re heading off to your honeymoon the next day. If you aren’t available to arrange for dry cleaning services, you need to assign it to someone you trust.


Your wedding gown is one of your most prized possessions because you wore it during one of the happiest days of your life. To ensure you get to keep it for the years to come, and maybe even hand it down to your daughter in the future, you should follow the tips above to ensure you can preserve it properly and keep it in pristine condition.

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