How You Can Go About Getting Your Pillows Washed Correctly

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There are several everyday items that don’t get washed nearly as much as they should be. One of the more particularly overlooked things when it comes to hygiene is having pillows washed. In truth, it should not be skipped at all. Pillows collect bacteria as much as they do dust. An initial sign of pillows needing to be cleaned is unpleasant smells.

What is the best way to get pillows washed?

Depending on who you ask, certain experts find that pillows should be washed 2-3 times every year. However, the actual frequency is entirely dependent on how often pillowcases are changed or cleaned as well as the person using the pillow itself. Try to search for a laundromat you can rely on and get the pillows washed every 3-6 months. This way, you will be able to keep up with a cleaning schedule with little to no issue. Take note that this only applies to pillows; bedsheets most certainly need more frequent cleaning.

How are down or feather pillows washed?

Down or feather pillows have a rather particular way of being cleaned. Follow these steps for the best results:

  • Check the pillow’s labels to know whether or not they can be put in a washing machine. It’s necessary to make sure you will be able to. Making assumptions regarding pillows and their cleaning or care is not recommended.
  • Check on the seams of the pillow for weak ones prone to breaking. Make sure those are mended well.
  • Choose a delicate or gentle wash and spin cycle. Be sure to have detergent added in. Wash with towels of the same colour.
  • When the washer you have is top-loading, make sure to stop it on occasion in order to press out air the pillows obtain while the wash cycle is ongoing.
  • Rinse.
  • Make use of your dry cleaner: on a low setting, tumble dry. Or use an air-dry setting for some hours, stopping only when it’s fully dry. Use dry, clean towels in the cycle. They will accelerate the drying process and allow for moisture to be absorbed.
  • Down or feather filling could end up with clumps during the process. A good way to break them is by having tennis balls or dryer balls added. This will also help to maintain the fluff.

How are foam pillows washed?

When it comes to foam pillows, the last thing you should be using is your washing machine. The key to cleaning foam pillows lies in another appliance: your vacuum. Dust your foam pillows with the use of a vacuum hose, spot cleaning them with a damp cloth after.


Too many people end up overlooking cleaning their actual pillows. This is a problem due to the bacteria that tends to accumulate on pillows alongside dust. It’s best to look up the proper way of washing specific pillows and take the time to do so at least every three months. Some are best cleaned through washing machines; others could do with vacuums and damp cloths.

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