The 5 Clothing Materials You Shouldn’t Have Dry Cleaned


Dry cleaning is a great way to have your clothes cleaned. It protects the quality of your garments for much longer, and you can easily rely on your local laundry shop to do it. Everything about the process is efficient and stress-free, which is why it can be tempting to have all your clothes dry cleaned all the time.

However, you should know that not every kind of clothing is safe for dry cleaning. Depending on what you own, some can be made from sensitive materials and are prone to damage if put through this process.

Below are the clothing materials you want to keep away from the dry cleaning process:

Fine-Hair Wool

You should not dry clean any clothing with fine-hair wool. The chemicals used in the process can be harsh on the material and will ultimately damage your clothes. Cashmere and mohair are common types of fine-hair wool and are also the most delicate.

Instead of having these kinds of clothing dry cleaned, it’s best to wash them in cool water using a mild detergent. To dry them, leave the clothes to air dry and let them rest to prevent wrinkles from forming and ruining their appearance.

Traditional Wool

The next kind of material to be careful with is traditional wool. Sweaters are the most common type of clothing made of this material, but make sure to check your wardrobe for other clothing.

You can clean wool using a mild detergent and water, but you can also spot clean them if they’re not too dirty. It ensures that the material goes through a less stressful cleaning process, and you can focus only on specific areas of the clothing that require handling.


Cotton is a material you need to remember to keep away from the dry cleaners. It’s a very common material you can easily find in business apparel and casual clothing. In fact, one of its main attractive features is how comfortable it can be to wear them all day.

It’s safe to wash cotton in a washing machine at home and let it dry. However, dry cleaning is a much harsher process than the material needs to clean it and is considered unnecessary. It could only strip your clothing from its cotton fabrics, making it shrink or feel uncomfortable


Denim is another kind of material that you cannot dry clean. Instead, it’s best to soak it in cool water and colour-safe detergent to preserve its look and quality. Make sure to rinse the detergent off thoroughly and hang denim pieces to dry.

Due to the harsh chemicals used in dry cleaning, they risk stripping the denim material’s natural texture and making them uncomfortable to wear over time.

Synthetic Fabric

Synthetics is another material that you want to keep away from the dry cleaner. It’s a manufactured material from some form of a blend of nylon, polyester, acetate, and spandex. Usually, formal pieces of clothing are made of this material.

Instead of dry cleaning them, wash them in warm water and let them air dry. Too much heat can shrink clothes with synthetic material, and they can lose their natural texture in the process.


While sending your clothes out to the dry cleaners can be very convenient, it’s essential to keep an eye out for the materials discussed above to preserve the quality and lifespan of your clothes. If you can’t determine whether a piece of clothing is safe for dry cleaning, you can always check their tags to see if the manufacturer has indicated how to care for them properly.

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