Beware of These Potential Hazards To Your Summer Clothes

summer clothes

Summer is the time for fun! It’s the season for lively colours, luxurious poolside parties, and beach getaways. Plus, in lounging under the heat and the bright sun, you get that tan you’ve been vying for! 

As fun as it might be for the average person, this is also the time to be more wary of taking care of your clothes. Delicate fabric fibres are more prone to breakages and damages during the hot season because of constant movement, use of skin products, and the basic wear and tear, amongst other factors. 

Read on and beware of these potential hazards to your summer clothes:

Hazard #1: Deodorants and Antiperspirants

The hot season will undoubtedly make you sweat more. It’s a natural response that your body makes when your body is feeling warmer than usual. Because of this, you also apply more deodorant, which could potentially get on your clothes!

Most commercial deodorants contain Aluminum Chloride—an ingredient that keeps you from producing sweat. It’s effective in this aspect, but its build-up could be hazardous to your clothes. Deodorants with Aluminum Chloride can yellow your clothes, weaken fabrics, and create holes in linen, cotton, and rayon materials. 

Getting armpit holes is frustrating, so save your clothes! You can keep this from happening by avoiding over-application and using natural and organic deodorants that don’t contain Aluminum Chloride.

Hazard #2: Sunscreen

Sunscreen for your face and body is a must, most especially for the summertime. However, they could stain your clothes easily and even cause uneven discoloration, which you’ll notice only after cleaning! So to avoid this common problem, make sure to let your skin soak up the sunscreen before getting dressed.

Hazard #3: Chlorine

The pool is most inviting during this season. You take a dip to cool your body down and feel refreshed. Or, sometimes, you host poolside parties just because it’s summer! 

We get you, but you must know that chlorine can damage the spandex fibre of your best swimsuits. If you don’t correctly rinse your swimsuit after use, you risk destroying the garter’s flexibility and may even bleach away its original colour.  Also, you can minimize these effects by following your swimwear’s wash instructions.

Hazard #4: Tanning Products

Tanning products like lotions, sprays, and oils do one thing: add colour to your skin! They’re great for achieving that covetable summer glow, but they’re also great at ruining your clothes. 

You may have noticed brown or yellow stains on certain clothing areas, like your collars, cuffs, and upper buttons. Once they touch your belongings, they may be difficult or almost impossible to remove. So for your next tanning session, allow your skin to dry first before putting on some clothes. Or, better yet, don’t wear anything too light; Wear clothes that can camouflage stains!

Hazard #5: Insect Repellants

Summer, unfortunately, is also the season of mosquitos. Before you spray insect repellant all over you, check for its ingredients. Some substances like alcohol can damage and discolour the fibres of fabrics like acetate and rayon. 

There are many insect repellents that don’t contain alcohol, but if you must use anything alcohol-based, make sure you give your clothes a good wash right after use.


Don’t let damaged clothes ruin your vacations! We know we can all get carried away in the summer fun, but it’s still essential that we watch out for our favourite in-season wardrobe pieces. So beware of these potential hazards so you can prolong your clothes’ lifespan and save money. 

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