5 Easy and Simple Shoe Care Tips Everyone Should Know


Your shoes take you to great places. But as you go from one destination to another, they endure plenty of wear and tear. That is why they need a bit of extra love from you.

Here are some shoe cleaning tips you can follow to say thank you to your shoes.

Polish Your Leather Shoes

Aside from looking amazing, regularly polishing your leather shoes will help keep them for a long time. As you routinely clean the leather, you can nourish it, prevent the surface from cracking, and maintain its waterproof properties.

It will help to polish your leather shoes whenever you use them. If you cannot thoroughly wipe your shoe after each use, you can settle and give them a good rub before you venture out into the world.

Protect, Erase, and Brush Your Suede Shoes

Suede shoes can be a challenge to own. But with the proper protection and care, they can last a lifetime and make you look good along with it.

It all starts with proper protection. Apply a protective suede spray to protect your shoes from outdoor elements. After using them, take a suede eraser to remove any marks or stains on your shoes. Afterward, use a suede brush to restore the leather’s fuzz or nap to its original condition.

Shampoo Your Canvas Shoes

Canvas shoes are some of the most effortless shoes to clean. You can best wash them by hand. Doing so ensures you get all the stains and prevent your shoes from undergoing damage in the washing machine.

You only need a mixture of shampoo and water to clean your canvas shoes. Use an old toothbrush or a dedicated shoe brush and scrub away the dirt and grime until eliminating them.

Stuff Your Wet Shoes

Have you ever ruined a pair of shoes after getting them wet in the rain? If so, then the problem lies in how you dry your shoes.

It is tempting to speed up the process and use a hairdryer when taking care of a soaked shoe. However, whatever happens, do not blow dry your shoes. Depending on the type of shoe, heat can deform or discolour your trusty pair of kicks. You should stuff your wet shoes with newspaper and let them air dry instead.

Add Another Sole to Your Shoe

Leather dress shoes and boots look great, but their soles are some of the thinner ones out there. Thinner soles make a refined impression, but they can wear out more quickly.

One of the best ways to protect your leather soles is to have a shoemaker add a layer of rubber sole under the shoe. It will prevent the sole from damage and provide more traction. If you think the soles will look too thick after the procedure, you can ask the shoemaker to add a half rubber sole for a slimmer profile.


When you know how to care for your shoes the right way, you are not just making them look good. Proper shoe care can also extend the life span of your footwear. Remember to polish, brush, and dry them well.

However, if your shoes are looking more tired and a good clean does not help, do not leave them as they are. Leaving them in their current state can lead to irreparable damage down the road. When the time comes, bring them to a reliable shoe cleaning company to help restore them to their former glory.

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