Should You Take Your Suit For A Same-Day Dry Cleaning?

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Whether walking in for a job interview or obtaining a contract with a notable client, wearing an immaculate business suit gives an excellent first impression. While this is simple, it is not always practical to hurry out and buy a new suit for every important event.

So, how can you maintain your favorite suits looking, feeling, and smelling good? This post has some information that will assist you in ensuring that your suit meets your highest standards in terms of appearance and comfort at all times.

What Is Dry Cleaning?

Because of the materials used to make them, suits have a newly pressed appearance. Wool, cashmere, polyester, cotton, silk, and linen are among the most popular textiles. 

Due to the careful handling instructions on the clothing, it is crucial to avoid washing them with detergents and water, as this might cause the fibers to break down and ruin the beautiful appearance your suit was designed to have.

Dry cleaning uses waterless chemicals that do not penetrate the fibers to remove stains, grime, and smells. Like a standard washing machine, an agitation machine is used to wash the garments. Instead of adding water, the cleaning solution is applied gradually. The garment is steamed and pressed once removed to give it a professional appearance.

How Often Should a Suit Be Dry Cleaned?

There is no one-size-fits-all solution on how often you should get your suit dry cleaned. Numerous factors determine the time that should elapse before sending these clothing out for cleaning. 

According to experts, dry cleaning services should be used as little as possible to keep the fabric intact and avoid stretching or misshaping. So, what exactly does all of this indicate?

It is suggested that a business suit that is not worn frequently be washed once or twice a year. This will prevent dirt, dust, stains, and smells from being trapped in the fibers and shorten the suit’s lifespan. If you use the suit two or three times a week, the time between cleanings will be insufficient.

While you don’t want to go overboard, suits worn daily should be cleaned more frequently. It is fine to get your ordinary clothes dry cleaned once a month. Please keep in mind that if your clothes have stains or strong scents, they should be taken to the dry cleaners immediately to avoid set-in issues. 

Make sure you tell the same-day dry cleaning company what caused the stain so they can begin to work on removing it as soon as possible.

Selecting the Most Appropriate Dry Cleaner for the Job

Choosing a dry cleaner to clean your business suits is a decision that should not be taken lightly. Even if you run into problems with your suits getting discolored, the individual should have the necessary competence to provide professional services. 

It will help if you ask your dry cleaner many questions until you feel certain they can provide services that meet or surpass your expectations. After all the work and money you’ve put into your professional clothing, you deserve that peace of mind.

While most dry cleaners recycle their solvent, you can request that your clothes be cleaned using a virgin solvent. This will keep any dirt or bacteria from other clothing from being put on your clothes. This is fine, and a competent Ottawa same-day dry cleaning business will gladly comply with your wishes.


With these comprehensive tips and tactics, you’ll be prepared for any situation—work, play, or a combination of the two. If you need help caring for your suit, specialists in Ottawa dry cleaning are the best in the business. 

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