Handling a Stained Wedding Dress: DIY Tips to Remember

wedding dress

Ask any woman, and they will all tell you that the wedding dress is one of their most valuable possessions. It is a symbol of love and unity, and it says so much about an important day in their life. 

If you happen to be an up-and-coming bride yourself and you’ve already managed to pick the perfect dress for you, chances are you are doing everything you can to keep it safe and free from stains. It may seem like a simple task until you realize that nerves and wine do not mix, and neither are there any means for you to avoid your rowdy guests from spilling their drinks on it during the reception.

Indeed, the task of keeping your wedding dress free from stains is easier said than done, which is why you must learn the different DIY tricks that will decrease any form of drops or colours that may make its presence felt on the surface. 

We’ve listed down a couple of tips that may help you during this ordeal. While they may not be applicable on every occasion, they will at least help you decrease the presence of stains on your wedding dress, making it look aesthetically pleasing despite the spill.


Analyze Its Fabric


Before you can even begin to apply any DIY solutions to it, make sure to identify what it’s made of. This wouldn’t be much of a problem if you listened closely to the saleslady who offered you this dress upon your purchase.

The most common examples include silk, polyester, and satin. Different fabrics have different reactions to stains. Depending on what was spilled on your dress, it may either be easy to remove or tough to wash off. By knowing its primary material, you will have a general idea of dealing with it next.


Identify the Type of Stain


You wouldn’t be able to determine this by the colour alone. You somehow have to get a glimpse of what fell on it or dab one of your fingers and try to smell the substance. The rule of thumb is to avoid wiping it with tissue paper or any other type of fabric, as it may smudge and spread the stain further.

If it’s a liquid stain, you may apply baby powder or cornstarch, whatever you may have lying around at the time of the incident, after which, you may dust off the powder from the surface. This is done so that the powder will absorb the liquid well enough to be removed easily. 

If it’s an oily stain, try to set the stain off with a dull, flat object. After that, you may apply powder once again then brush it off afterwards.


Show Grace and Confidence Even through Tough Stains


Have you ever experienced tripping due to a slippery floor while no one is looking in your direction? If you do not tell people about it, chances are no one will ever know about your predicament. 

The same principle works in this situation, wherein a small drop or stain will be close to unnoticeable if you aren’t going to even point it out. Remember, the subject and focus of the wedding are you and the love of your life. 

While your attire will definitely come into play once your after-wedding pictures are taken, none of it will ever matter, especially if everyone’s looking forward to the reception party. If all else fails, wear your stained dress with confidence! 


Handling a stained wedding dress may be stressful at first glance, but being bothered by the minor details will just end up ruining your special day. Don’t let it get to you, and apply the mentioned DIY methods if you end up staining your dress. 

Identifying the fabric and the stain type, applying the needed remedies, and being confident despite the situation will give you a positive result, something that is well-needed in one of the most unforgettable days of your life.

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