5 Helpful Tips for Storing Your Newly Dry Cleaned Clothing

Dry Cleaned Clothing

Most of the time, you leave your dry-cleaned garments in the closet, so they are ready to wear. However, when you need to put them away for any amount of time, you can store them in a storage unit. For example, you might store your seasonal clothes to make room for other garments.  

Other garments that were dry cleaned directly from the company might be put away for long periods of time, too. You need to make sure that your dry clean only clothes are kept in great shape when stored.

Here are some tips for storing your newly dry-cleaned clothing. 

1) Work with Organic Cleaners

Most of the time, dry cleaners use chemicals to clean clothes. It’s likely that the clothes are packed with chemicals before you take them home. The chemicals make your clothes smell good, but those chemicals can cause damage to your garments if you leave them in your storage unit for too long. 

Chemicals can cause the material to break down, which will make the garments look worn and torn. This also means that the dry-cleaned clothes you keep in storage will be in worse condition when you take them out.

2) Store Folded Clothing in Plastic Containers

Folding clothes and putting them in a closet can help you to use the space more efficiently. You can use plastic containers to store folded clothes, and you can use them for any type of clothes.

This is a great way to store your dry cleaned clothes. You can use the containers to keep them organised, and you can easily move them into the storage unit.

3) Keep Non-Folded Clothing on Hangers

If you use plastic containers for folded clothing, you might want to use hangers for non-folded clothing. You can store one suit per hanger to save space. You can also store pants, skirts, and shirts on hangers to save space.

When you put clothing on hangers, you also protect the clothing. This will help you to keep the clothing in great condition when you store it.

4) Separate Garment Bags with Containers

If you have garment bags, you can use them to store all types of clothing. This is because of the clear, plastic material. The garment bags will protect clothing from dust, bugs, and insects. 

This is a great option if you need to store clothing over the summer or winter. You will have no issues with the garment bags causing damage to your dry clean clothes.

5) Store Wedding Gowns in Special Conditions

If you are storing a wedding gown, you need to have a special area for the garment. It will be the centrepiece of your wedding, so you need to make sure that it’s kept in great condition. 

You can store wedding gowns in special boxes that are made for wedding gowns. These boxes are airtight and watertight. They will keep the gown protected from the elements.

You can also use garment bags and plastic containers to protect your wedding gown. Just make sure that the gown is protected from bugs and dust.


When you are storing your dry clean only clothes in the closet, you want to make sure that they will always be in great condition. These options will also help you to save money and space.

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