The Comprehensive Guide to Spring Cleaning Your Wardrobe


Finally, spring has arrived! Gone are the gloomy months of short days and long nights—it’s time to greet Mr. Sun, breathe in the lovely, fresh air, and appreciate the wonderfully green beauty of nature. After putting up with the cold bite of winter, it is now time to go outside and bask in the warmth! 

But before you go and enjoy yourself, you first need to give your house a bit of love too!

Cleaning for New Beginnings 

What better way to greet the new season than by decluttering your home? Winter may be over, but a few remnants remain. It’s essential to welcome spring with a tidy house for a clean slate!

How you begin the season is crucial—spring cleaning during the dawn of the new season inspires positive feelings and endless possibilities. Being shut in for most of winter left your house and yard with many things to take care of. As such, the beginning of spring is the perfect time to clear your home of any soot and ash and mess so that you can fully enjoy the new season without any worry nagging you at the back of your mind. 

The Wonderful Benefits of Spring Cleaning

A clean and orderly environment only invites good things to happen! Preparing your home for the months to come doesn’t only make your place look spick and span, but it is also incredibly beneficial to your life! 

Spring cleaning can:

  • Increase your productivity;
  • Improve your respiratory health;
  • Reduce stress and anxiety; and
  • Make you feel happier.

Spring Cleaning Your Closet

Once you have your house washed and scrubbed and your yard watered and pruned, it’s now time to sweat the small stuff—your closet! Cleaning out your closet is an easily forgettable task; not doing it doesn’t have adverse effects than other house chores. 

However, the state of your wardrobe will still have a significant impact on your life! Ignoring your disorganized closet for too long can stress you out more than you think. Follow our guide to closet cleaning so that you can greet the spring season with peace of mind:

Empty Your Closet

Your closet only has a limited amount of space. If it’s been getting much more challenging to stuff your clothes in, perhaps it’s a sign to purge! First, empty your closet and lay out every item of clothing you have. 

When going through your clothes, ask yourself these questions:

  • Do I like it?
  • Do I wear it?
  • Does it fit me?
  • Does it need repairing?

If the answer to these questions is no, then you need to let them go—no matter how great the memories associated with it are. Discard clothes that are more than five years old, and mend those you wish to keep but have a few tears and flaws.

Drop By the Laundromat

Bring your remaining clothing to a laundromat afterwards before storing them in your closet again. Clothes stored for too long can have a weird smell; rewash them so that they are fresh, clean, and ready to wear for the next time you need them. 

Remember to have garments made of delicate fabrics such as taffeta, silk, wool, velvet, and acetate dry cleaned to keep them in good condition.

Rearrange Your Wardrobe

A messy closet is not only unpleasant to look at, but it’s also tricky to pick out clothes to wear that are right for the season. 

When rearranging your wardrobe, put off-season clothes in storage. If you don’t have to use them in a few months, they shouldn’t be in front and center. Your day-to-day clothes must be easy to find to avoid making any mess when looking for clothes.


Begin the new season with some spring cleaning! Scrub and wipe down your home and clean out your closet for a fresh, new start. Have your clothes washed and dry cleaned at a local laundromat so that your wardrobe is fully ready for the incoming warmer months! 

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