4 Things To Consider When Picking a Dry Cleaner

dry cleaning worker holding bags with clean clothing

While we would all love to DIY as many things as possible, some things are better left to the experts. This includes cleaning our favourite fabrics that, unfortunately, have just been stained. While many stains can indeed be DIY-ed to clean, some fabrics are just too sensitive to be handled by our rough hands. This is where dry-cleaning comes in, where you can send your clothes to a professional dry cleaner to restore your fabrics to their former glory.

That said, did you know that not all dry cleaners can meet your needs? Some dry cleaners are just better than others, and some may have experience with the fabrics you want them to work with, while others do not. To pick the right dry cleaner to meet your needs, here are a few things to consider:

1. Look at Their Experience

Money can’t buy experience. Experience is only gained through time, and the longer a dry cleaner has spent in the industry, the more experience they have to perfect their craft. As such, to ensure that the cleaning result you want meets your needs perfectly, we only recommend working with professionals that have plenty of experience. This can be done by picking dry cleaners that have been established a long time in your area. Not only is this a sign that they’ve already gathered plenty of experience, but since they’ve been up and running for so long, it simply means they’re doing something right!

2. Give Them a Little Testing

If you are unsure whether or not a dry cleaner can deliver the quality of work you are expecting, always give them a test run. This is the same as taking a car out for a test drive before buying it! By getting first-hand experience of what the dry cleaner has to offer will allow you to make a more educated decision. As such, give your dry cleaners a test run. If you like what they do, build a relationship with them, and you might net in some fantastic deals.

3. Pay Attention to the Location

While it might seem unimportant, the location plays a huge factor in the dry cleaner you want to work. This is all for the sake of convenience, and the closer the dry cleaners are to your location, the easier your life will be. Also, being closer means less fuel and time spent going to the dry cleaner, two factors that can impact how much money you can save. As such, while a dry cleaner far away may be offering a promotion, it might just be that the nearer dry cleaner offers an overall better bang for the buck. 

4. Know What People Think About Them

Reputation can make or break a company, and ensuring that the dry cleaners you work with have a positive reputation is incredibly important. You can go around asking your friends and family, and you can even head online to check out reviews. If the majority are speaking great things about a dry cleaner, chances are you will also enjoy their experience. However, keep on the lookout for negative reviews and see if what they have to say is relevant to you at all. Some may have something important to say, so consider if what they’re telling is crucial to you.


When looking for any dry cleaner to help deal with restoring your fabrics to their former glory, always pay attention to the above tips. Ensuring that they have a positive reputation, have plenty of experience to offer, are close to your location, and more will make the dry-cleaning experience much more worth it and enjoyable. Plus, this will maximize the chances that you will go home with brand-new-looking fabrics smiling, knowing that it is because of your efforts to pick the right dry cleaners that you have received the quality of work you wanted.

Goodfellow Cleaners boasts over 25 years of experience offering quality dry cleaning services to Ottawa residents and businesses, keeping clients and customers happy with perfectly clean fabrics. Schedule a dry cleaning service with us today to get the dry cleaning service you deserve!

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