Essential Tools and Tips to Clean and Care for Your Suits


Just because you went to a tailoring shop that cost you a lot doesn’t mean your suit will always look impressive. Perhaps that’s part of the process, but you still need much work the moment you bring your suit home. To make your suit last, you should take the necessary steps to take good care of it.

To keep your suit as fabulous as the day you bought it, you should consider essential tools and tips to clean and care for it. If you want to learn the correct way of doing so, keep on reading this post.

Tools For Cleaning A Suit

After purchasing a good-looking suit, here are some tools you should also buy to keep it looking spectacular:

Cloth Suit Bag

You must ditch plastic or canvas bags that come with your suit. Instead, you should get a cloth suit bag not just to allow your jacket to breathe but also to protect it against wrinkles and moth infestations.

Suit Hangers

Make sure that you invest in high-quality suit hangers that will maintain the shape of your suit at all times, extending its lifespan. Avoid wire hangers at all costs!

Suit Brush

Buying a suit brush will help you brush away any dirt and debris from the fabric, ensuring that it maintains its quality. The best suit brush is made from natural animal hair, but synthetic material is also a good choice.

Essential Tips For Cleaning & Caring For Your Suit

Since you already know what tools to use, let us now proceed with the tips in cleaning and caring for your suit:

Dry It as Infrequently as Possible

It would help if you rarely dry clean your suit. You should only dry clean your suit a few times a year to retain the high-quality fabric.

Hang It Correctly

If you are not wearing your suit, make sure that you hang it correctly. As previously mentioned, a flimsy metal hanger is a big no-no. Buy padded hangers that are specifically designed to maintain the shape of a high-quality suit!

Learn to Brush and Roll 

Keep in mind to only brush your suit slowly and gently. You may also try using a lint roller to make everything look spiffy. 

Pack It Well When Traveling

When travelling, it would be best to use a garment bag that is lightweight, easy to carry, and made with breathable material. While it is possible to fold up a suit to place in your luggage, it’s better to be safe than sorry!

Protect Your Suit

Just as your muscles need to rest after an intense workout, the same goes with your suit. Avoid wearing the same suit on consecutive days so that it won’t wear down as quickly. 

Steam It Instead of Ironing It

Regularly ironing the suit may cause irreparable damage. Instead, you may steam it to remove its wrinkles and odours without damaging its fibres. 


Buying a suit, especially one that’s tailored fit for you, can be pricey. Because it is a significant investment, you should ensure that you treat it well and do your best to preserve its quality. Now that you know these tips, you have additional knowledge to help your suits remain in pristine condition for years to come.

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