Proven Ways to Prevent Your Leather Jacket from Cracking

Leather Jacket

Leather jackets are a good add-on if you want to look sleek and very fashionable, regardless of the occasion. Of course, there are instances where they may not match the overall theme of an event, but for those gatherings that greatly need their aesthetics, you are sure to turn heads and impress your peers.

That said, they may also experience wear and tear after a long time; that is why it is good to know the different ways to mitigate those style-breaking effects.

Below are some proven ways to prevent your leather jacket from cracking.

1. Keep It Clean.

You should understand that leather jackets are actually made from animal skin, and as such, it is very susceptible to dirt and grime. Therefore, you should be very conscious about the way you handle it and always make sure that it is clean before you put it back in your drawer.

2. Always Read the Label.

You should also make it a point to check the label of your leather jacket to see if it is made up of genuine leather or not. If it is, you should know that it is not that easy to clean it, and it can only be cleaned using special cleaning agents. Otherwise, the leather may crack and rip apart.

3. Use a Leather Cleaner.

If you purchased a leather jacket made from genuine leather, you had better not use your regular detergent on it. They will most likely be abrasive and make it prone to damage. When cleaning your leather jacket, you need to make sure that you are using the right cleaning agent, which is a leather cleaner.

4. Let It Dry Before Storage.

It would be best to never put on your leather jacket while it is wet. You have to make sure that the leather you are cleaning is well dried out first so that it will not crack or rip apart.

5. Check the Coat Hanger.

You should also check to see if the coat hanger you are using is coated with some kind of plastic cover. If not, it may have a hard time supporting the weight of your leather jacket and cause it to gather creases.

6. Find the Right Storage Place.

You should not store your leather jacket in a plastic bag. You should make sure that you do not place it in a location that can expose it to extreme temperatures and humidity. The best place to store a leather jacket is in a dry place, which is not exposed to a lot of sunlight.

7. Always Fold it Properly.

You should never forget that leather jackets are costly, and unless you want to ruin them completely, you should always make sure that you store them in perfect condition. You can do this by folding it properly.

Just make sure that you do not fold it in a creased manner and place it on the hanger in its original form. This can help in the prevention of it from cracking.


If you follow these seven proven ways, you can ensure that your leather jacket is always in good condition and will not develop cracks.

You must remember that the condition of your leather jacket is based not only on how you are storing it but also on how you are using it.

You should not expose your leather jacket to extreme temperatures and humidity, and you must make sure that the cleaning products you use in cleaning it are the right ones.

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