The Difference between Wedding Dress Preservation and Cleaning

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Pictures and videos help you relive every minute of your wedding. But it is your wedding dress that brings back the memory and the meaning of that special day. It would not be shocking that you want to preserve your wedding dress.

You might be wondering if wedding dress preservation is the same as wedding dress cleaning. If you are thinking about this, you should finish reading this article.

The Big Difference 

Wedding dress preservation is a process designed to give you the chance to preserve the look and delicacy of your wedding dress and make it worthy of showing in the future. So, what makes wedding dress preservation different from wedding dress cleaning?

First and foremost, wedding dress preservation is more thorough than wedding dress cleaning. Sending your wedding dress to a dry cleaner count as wedding dress cleaning. Its goal is to remove the dirt and stain from your wedding dress.  

However, basic dry cleaning cannot prevent your wedding dress from aging, such as yellowing and shrinking. These are the problems you may need to face when you want to show off your wedding dress later.

The Label

Before you take your wedding dress to the nearest dry cleaner, you should pay close attention to the label on your wedding dress. Yes, it is quite possible that it might have been dry cleaned before you bought it. However, this does not necessarily mean that it is okay to send your wedding dress to a dry cleaner later. 

True, there is a possibility that it has been properly cleaned and preserved, but it is also possible that the cleaning job was not done by a reputable vendor. If you do not know what the words in the label mean, here are  some definitions to help you understand better:

  • “Dry clean only” means that your wedding dress should be cleaned only by a dry cleaner and not in any other way.
  • “Dry clean only, spot clean as needed” means that your wedding dress can be dry cleaned, but it can also be spot cleaned by you.
  • “Dry clean only, clean bias binding by hand” means that your wedding dress cannot be dry cleaned. However, you can clean the bias binding of your wedding dress by hand.

What to Do

The label on your wedding dress might be in a picture instead of words. Although you can still learn from the picture, it is better to learn from the words or sentences. The reason for this is that the picture sometimes does not tell you about some of the parts of your wedding dress, not to mention the color of the dress.

If your wedding dress has a “dry clean only” label, you should not wash it. If it has a “spot clean only” label, you can wash the dress, but you should follow the specific instructions. 

In this case, you need to know how to wash it. You should never apply water directly to your wedding dress. Then, decide whether you should use soap or detergent.


To summarise everything that you read, it is important to note that wedding dresses are expensive. Therefore, you should take care of your wedding dress as much as you can. Remember that you might not be able to buy another wedding dress in the future. Therefore, it is crucial that you know how to care for your dress.

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