What Clothes You Should Not Include in the Dry Cleaning

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Dry cleaning services are a gift from heaven. It is the best washing process, as it preserves the appearance and colour of delicate fabrics. However, not all textile products are right for dry cleaning. Although it is tempting to clean all your clothes the dry clean way, regular washing is more appropriate for some. This article will tell you what you should never include in your ‘for dry cleaning’ basket and what should be placed inside it instead. 

What Does Not Need Dry Cleaning

Here are some items that can skip the dry cleaning: 

Knit Fabrics

Some knit fabrics will require extra care. That is when it is ideal for bringing it to a local cleaner. However, there are some knit fabrics that you can wash at home and on your own. It all depends on the quality of the garment. Look carefully at your clothes’ label before taking it for dry cleaning. 

Painted Fabrics

Some painted shirts make people think that they are too delicate for general washing, but you can clean them in your domestic washer. You only need to be extra careful with the temperature of your drying process. A temperature that is too hot can ruin the painted designs. The best alternative is to hang them to naturally dry. 

Cotton T-Shirts

Regularly worn cotton shirts are prone to getting stains, but these shirts can be washed normally. Using your washing machine and dryer should do the job. If there are tough stains that need extra attention, consider professional stain removal. 

Synthetic Clothes

Some garments made from delicate fabrics such as nylon, spandex, polyester, and the like are also safe in a washing machine. Just like your painted fabrics, you need to pay attention to the drying temperature. Try using a low temperature for drying. It is the safer route, even if it will take you longer to dry everything up. 

What Clothes Need Dry Cleaning

You might be wondering what fabrics and garments are then recommended for dry cleaning. Here is the guideline you can use.

Any Special Fabric That Is Too Delicate

Any material that wows people when they touch it should be brought to a local dry cleaner. That includes silk, wool, leather, suede, or velvet, and other high-grade fabrics such as chiffon, merino wool, and velvet. Doing so will help preserve their texture and form. 

Line or Pleated Clothing

Any lined clothes, such as coats and jackets, should also be washed through a dry cleaning process to maintain their shape and fit. The same goes for pleated skirts and other garments. Dry cleaners use special techniques to avoid shrinking these fabrics and help keep their colour. 

Any Fabric You Want to Preserve the Colour and Quality

Dry cleaning can help you maintain the quality of your expensive outfits or even those casual clothes you often wear—especially since dry cleaning is not water-based. As a result, a minimal amount of dye will be removed during the cleaning process. It is the best solution for preserving the colour and fit of your garments.


Dry cleaning is a great way to clean delicate items in your closet. It is a cleaning process that can lengthen the lifetime of precious garments. Knowing what clothes to bring to your local dry cleaning shop and which ones you can wash at home can help you assess how to care for your things better, saving you money in the process.  

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