Why You Must Dry Clean Your Wedding Dress Immediately

woman in wedding gown

One of the most significant pieces of apparel you’ll wear is your wedding gown. Your dress takes on new significance once you exchange vows and dance the night away.

If you dry clean your dress as soon as possible after the wedding, it will help. This safeguards both the actual clothing and the memories and feelings it conjures.

The ideal method for washing delicate clothing, such as a wedding dress, is dry cleaning. Any dirt, stains, or other material that it may have collected throughout the big day will be removed. Additionally, it will aid in fabric preservation and maintain the dress’s best appearance.

Although it could be tempting, you should not wash your clothing in the washing machine. Most wedding gowns are made of delicate materials. A regular washing machine won’t do and could even do more harm.

Maintain the elegance of your gown as it was on the day you wore it. You must take it to a reputable dry cleaner with experience cleaning wedding gowns. They’ll know how to clean and maintain the perfect condition of your outfit thoroughly.

The following are a few explanations for why you should have your wedding dress dry-cleaned as soon as possible.

Wedding Gowns Use Special Fabrics

Special threads, fabrics, and weaves used in wedding gowns are frequently delicate and prone to damage. The best way to clean your dress and protect its delicate fabric is to dry clean it.

A couple of the most exquisite fabric weaves are lace and satin. Additionally, they are among the most delicate.

Your wedding dress’ fabric will become damaged if you wash it normally. Use a reputable dry cleaner to maintain the perfect state of your wedding gown. Take them to someone who understands how to handle these things properly.

You’ll Be Keeping Your Dress in Storage for a While

Prior to putting your garment in storage, it is ideal to have it dry-cleaned. This is because your garment will spend a lot of time in storage.

The residue and stains shouldn’t remain in your garment when you store it. Stains from sweat, food, beverages, and cosmetics may appear later and be more challenging to remove.

The use of dry cleaning will prevent this. Any stains or dirt on the dress will be removed by dry cleaning, which will also shield it from further harm.

Dry Cleaning Aids in Avoiding Discolouration

If not properly cared for, even the most delicate fabrics can become stained. If not cleaned or handled, dresses that are white, ivory, or cream over time will turn yellow.

Additionally, improper storage might cause the colour of coloured gowns to fade. If you’re not careful, exposure to the sun can result in serious discolouration.

Long after the big day, you want your ivory or white wedding dress to retain its crisp, pure colour. You should dry clean your gown as soon as possible.

Stretching Can Be Reduced with Dry Cleaning

Your wedding dress might not seem exactly as it did when you initially tried it on. This is due to the easily stretchable fabrics used in wedding gowns. Your dress will remain wrinkle-free and prevent stretching by receiving dry cleaning.

Dry Cleaning Will Assist in Preserving the Garment

Your wedding dress must be dry-cleaned if you want to keep it in good condition. The preservation procedure is intricate and delicate in nature.

They will first look over the outfit to check for stains or damage. After cleaning it with a moderate detergent or solution, they will hang it to dry naturally. 

They gently steam the bridal dress to remove any wrinkles after it has dried. The dress is then placed in a garment bag for protection. The correct provider will help maintain your gown for many years if you leave it to them.


The easiest way to preserve the quality of your wedding dress is to dry clean it. It’s critical to keep in mind that your wedding gown doubles as a keepsake, an heirloom possibility, and an investment. Maintaining your dress will serve as a lovely remembrance of your big day for many years.

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