Why Investing in Professional Tailoring Is Important

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People undoubtedly love clothes, so much so that the global apparel retail market is currently worth $1.34 trillion in retail sales per year. And while there’s nothing wrong with investing in your wardrobe, there is something flawed about this when you consider the fact that 85% of all textiles go wasted each year, too. What this means is that clothes just aren’t lasting as long, and a lot of it just ends up getting thrown out.

While fast fashion certainly contributes to this phenomenon, we also have to examine the way we treat and take care of our clothes. Considering the amount of money people are willing to spend on buying new outfits, it’s rather surprising that very few people invest the same amount when it comes to taking care of their garments.

To help address this issue, we’ve put together a list of reasons investing in professional tailoring for your clothes is important. Hopefully, this article will help convince you to use professional tailoring services to help better take care of your clothes.

Helps Keep Expensive Garments in Good Condition

Sizing for store-bought clothes isn’t really that accurate. Let’s face it, all bodies are different, and this results in some parts of the clothes being too big or too tight. And while this doesn’t immediately present any real issues, this will eventually lead to your clothes getting worn down. In fact, this may even end up completely ruining a piece beyond repair.

To help counteract this, it would be best to take clothing that doesn’t fit all too well to your tailor and have it altered. This will prevent any more damage from accumulating, which will keep the piece in good condition.

Helps You Get the Most Out of Clothes

Have you ever bought anything at a store and immediately regretted it because it doesn’t fit you as well as expected? Well, as we’ve stated above, the sizing for store-bought clothing isn’t really a good barometer of how well clothes will fit you. Luckily, there is a way to remedy this.

Through professional alterations, a store-bought piece can be modified in a way that perfectly accommodates your body. Not only will this make the clothes last longer, but it will also help you get the most enjoyment out of your clothing.

Provides a Safe Way to Alter Clothing

While it isn’t always a bad idea to try DIY alterations, you have to admit that not everyone is skilled enough to do so. This can cause some nasty results and end up ruining a perfectly good piece of clothing. Now, we’re not saying that you should never attempt to alter your clothes, as simple repairs are doable if you have the experience and know-how to do so. However, it’s best to leave it up to the professionals for more advanced repairs and alterations. What’s great about this is that there are services that accommodate same-day alterations for when you’re in a pinch. For same-day alterations in Ottawa, don’t hesitate to contact us at Goodfellow Cleaners.


While the initial costs may make you a bit hesitant to reach out to professional tailoring services, it’s better to look at this as an investment rather than an expense. Remember that professional tailoring will significantly extend the lifespan of your favourite pieces, allowing you to wear and enjoy them for much longer!

If you’re looking for same-day alterations in Ottawa, we here at Goodfellow Cleaners have got you covered. We have been providing our customers with unparalleled dry cleaning and alteration services for over 25 years. Rest assured that your garments will be in good hands. For more information on our services, check out our website today!

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