Why You Need to Keep Your Shoes Clean: 5 Important Reasons


A pair of shoes can tell you so much about a person. Wearing clean shoes all the time shows that a person cares for their appearance and themselves. Back in the day, a shoe shiner would help make people look smart and sharp all the time, but that is no longer applicable today. Now, shoe cleaning is either done by the shoe owner or the professionals. 

Unfortunately, not all see the importance of keeping their shoes clean. Aside from enjoying cleanliness, this practice has many benefits. Here is why shoes also need the same care and attention as your clothes:

#1: Prevents You From Getting Smelly Feet

Dirty shoes can be full of sweat and dirt, making them hospitable for bacterial and fungal growth. Dirty shoes can easily make your feet smelly and gross. Shoes often don’t experience enough circulation. There is nowhere for the bad smells and pathogens but onto your feet. 

Even if you take a proper shower, placing your feet back into damp and smelly shoes would only encourage the bacteria to thrive on the moisture. Instead of spraying it with a good-smelling scent, washing and cleaning your shoes regularly would be a better option for preventing foul odours. 

#2: Uncleaned Shoes Mean Spreading of Germs

Asian households do not allow outdoor shoes into their homes for the same reason―shoes are full of dirt and germs, particularly the soles. Bringing dirty shoes inside the house spreads the bacteria and grime you accumulated from the outside world. It is the fastest way to transport a virus into your place. Keeping the soles cleaned regularly would lower the risk of pathogens building up on your soles and making their way to your home and family.

#3: Dirt Can Make Shoes Less Durable

Keeping your shoes clean every time is a way for you to prolong the lifespan of your shoes. Keeping it clean is ensuring it is well taken care of. By regularly cleaning your shoes, you might easily detect any wear and tear and address these issues immediately. 

Dirty shoes can feel uncomfortable and are more prone to breakage. Regularly cleaning your shoes could prevent this and extend the lifespan. 

#4: Gives You a Good Impression

Nothing looks more professional than having clean and polished shoes. No matter how well you dress up, if your shoes do not look good, you would not look presentable. Having clean shoes can make you look decent and sharper. Conversely, wearing dirty shoes can make you look unprepared and incompetent. If you want to make great impressions, wear clean shoes all the time.

#5: Saves You Time 

Aside from spreading germs, wearing dirty shoes around the house will dirty your floors. When your floor accumulates filth faster, you will need time and energy to clean it daily. Instead of doing this every day, why not just clean your shoes regularly? You would keep your shoes in decent condition and smelling good, and you would also keep the house clean and sanitary. 

Moreover, the longer you wait before you clean the shoes, the harder the cleaning process. Instead of taking so much time to clean the shoes, better start early and clean them as soon as you need to.


Shoes are essential parts of people’s daily lives. Aside from protecting your feet, they also make you look stylish. However, the same shoes can easily pick up bacteria and fungi. Keeping your shoes clean does not only serve aesthetic purposes; it also keeps yourself safe from bacterial and fungal infections. 

If you have no time to clean your shoes yourself, let the professional cleaners do it. They can ensure your shoes are clean the right way. Goodfellow Cleaners brings boot and shoe cleaning in Ottawa. We partnered with The Drop, a business that knows the ins and outs of shoe care. We offer free pick-up and delivery services. Contact us today to learn more about other services we offer.

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